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  1. Just read it, and you are a superb manager! Well done
  2. Good luck with Genk! Shame that the likes of Kevin de Bruyne are not still there.
  3. Oh, I see where I messed up. Vauxhall weren't promoted, but I thought they were. Well, no way I'm quitting now!
  4. What??? All the sides that are promoted start in the BSR!!!
  5. Doing well for a side that you would bet to get relegated. Hovering at about 10th or 11th right now, I'll try to push for a promotion spot! Early successes with a relatively bad squad. Injury problems as well, with my best defender being out, soooooo many defensive problems going on! I think we would be top 6 for sure if my defense learned to successfully back pass or not give away penalties.
  6. Won my league opener against Hyde 5-2
  7. I just started with Vauxhall, predicted 22nd!
  8. Too late to join this?
  9. Got him for $1.1m for my Red Bull Salzburg side, he'll join at the end of the season. Currently out with a broken leg
  10. Adryan, Brazilian midfielder that starts out at Flamengo in 5 years time or so? Thanks.
  11. Club: Red Bull Salzburg Budget: $3.600.000 Looking for: AML With: Crossing, Dribbling, etc. good winger Other: Season: 1 Loyalty bonus: 275k> Agent fee: 275k>
  12. Actually, I just self-fixed but pressing the little "lock" beside the agent fee, and we compromised. Hopefully, Anji won't poach my transfer target.
  13. Is this thug called FMRTE? Not really into cheating.
  14. My board's bum is very squeaky, I'm not allowed to change the budgets.
  15. Today, I found a youngster, Adryan, in Brazil, and I am trying to sign him for my Red Bull Salzburg side. He agreed with all of the terms in my offer, but his agent decided that he would want a ~120k agent fee, but I can only pay 72k. Any way to bypass this greedy man?