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  1. Tomtuck's First FM Career Adventure

    Just read it, and you are a superb manager! Well done
  2. Good luck with Genk! Shame that the likes of Kevin de Bruyne are not still there.
  3. Oh, I see where I messed up. Vauxhall weren't promoted, but I thought they were. Well, no way I'm quitting now!
  4. What??? All the sides that are promoted start in the BSR!!!
  5. Doing well for a side that you would bet to get relegated. Hovering at about 10th or 11th right now, I'll try to push for a promotion spot! Early successes with a relatively bad squad. Injury problems as well, with my best defender being out, soooooo many defensive problems going on! I think we would be top 6 for sure if my defense learned to successfully back pass or not give away penalties.
  6. Won my league opener against Hyde 5-2
  7. I just started with Vauxhall, predicted 22nd!
  8. Too late to join this?
  9. FM12: Kurt Zouma

    Got him for $1.1m for my Red Bull Salzburg side, he'll join at the end of the season. Currently out with a broken leg
  10. Adryan, Brazilian midfielder that starts out at Flamengo in 5 years time or so? Thanks.
  11. FM12: Looking For Thread

    Club: Red Bull Salzburg Budget: $3.600.000 Looking for: AML With: Crossing, Dribbling, etc. good winger Other: Season: 1 Loyalty bonus: 275k> Agent fee: 275k>
  12. How do I get around greedy agents?

    Actually, I just self-fixed but pressing the little "lock" beside the agent fee, and we compromised. Hopefully, Anji won't poach my transfer target.
  13. How do I get around greedy agents?

    Is this thug called FMRTE? Not really into cheating.
  14. How do I get around greedy agents?

    My board's bum is very squeaky, I'm not allowed to change the budgets.
  15. Today, I found a youngster, Adryan, in Brazil, and I am trying to sign him for my Red Bull Salzburg side. He agreed with all of the terms in my offer, but his agent decided that he would want a ~120k agent fee, but I can only pay 72k. Any way to bypass this greedy man?