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  1. Impulse203ATX

    Vancouver Whitecaps

    They are in the database, but not activated in the MLS. They are still listed as a USL team. You can either try to use the game editor to change them, or download someone's custom database that they've made for the new MLS. Don't know where they are off the top of my head though, could just try a search for it.
  2. Hitzfield still sacked, Hazard still sold... but we won 7 matches instead of 2! YES Also, glad to see things are working out better regarding transfers.
  3. First Name: Daniel Last Name: da Silva Santos Junior Common Name: Daniel Full Name: Daniel da Silva Santos Junior D.O.B.: February 19 City: San Jose Nation: USA Preferred Number: 1 Position: GK 5 Primary Attributes: Positioning, Jumping, Aerial Ability, Handling, Reflexes 3 Secondary Attributes: One On Ones, Reflexes, Agility 7 Tertiary Attributes: Command of Area, Rushing Out, Concentration, Composure, Work Rate, Anticipation, Decisions PPM (Max 2): Avoids using weaker foot Personal Survey: Francesco Totti
  4. Aw man my Gloucestershire did have quite a shocker of a season Oh well, here's to season 2!
  5. Impulse203ATX

    Is there any way possible i could......

    Makes sense to me. Why would you want to captain a player who won't even be there 6 months/a year from now? Nobody does this in real life.
  6. Impulse203ATX

    Cant buy stadium

    Yeah. How does a BSP team get 500m, even after selling players?
  7. Think of the displayed player value as MSRP: manufacturer's suggested retail price. Club X may see something in the player that other clubs don't see, so they think he's worth ~2m. But another club Y see something else in the player, he has a bad attitude and likes showboating in friendly matches against MLS teams , so they think he's only worth 500k because of the liability. Well, the club that the player is currently part of thinks he's a hot prospect, 18 years old but with boatloads of talent, and they won't sell him for less than 8m. What is his value? Therefore, for the purposes of this player value, you can only suggest what is essentially a sticker price, depending on the variables that furious mentioned. If you want to reject every offer for him lower than 5m, go for it. If you want to reject every offer below 10m go for it. That doesn't mean his average, estimated valuation should change. It just means you personally value him higher, and not everybody else will. You can set the "player asking price" to whatever you want, but other clubs have to see to that valuation as well, otherwise they won't offer. Maybe 2 clubs think a player is worth more than his value is stated as. Does a third think so as well? Does a fourth? In the long run, his valuation will catch up with his reputation, performances, club reputation, etc, and if he is truly closer to >1m valuation, it will be reflected in his "player value." For example, if above noted third and fourth, and 5 more clubs begin to put in bids of >1m for the player, then his reputation will begin to rise quickly, and very soon his "player value" will rise. However, it should not be changing overnight, especially not by something like double just because of what two clubs out of all the clubs in the world think.
  8. Impulse203ATX

    Change the way marking works

    Yeah, this is actually a very real problem that the coders face. I have played many different years of EA's Madden NFL and Fifa games, and until only recently has the American football game included having more than one player going in for a tackle. I don't know the exact complexities of the programming, but what I've heard over the years is that coding multiple players to move into the same area and essentially perform a set of instructions toward the same target is very difficult, not to mention taxing on the game engine itself.
  9. What I would prefer is if you gave a little more reasoning behind your suggestion. When someone posts one-line threads with no explanation and/or supporting argument, people tend to not take him seriously.
  10. Troll? SI has plenty of other things they are probably trying to improve. This detail is a waste of time.
  11. I hope people aren't mistakenly thinking you're supposed to just pick the best players, seeing as many of them have been put into the pool.
  12. Impulse203ATX

    Season Expectations

    Very good point. When you go to your Confidence screen, just make sure you're on top of every category: wages, matches, competitions, etc, as well as you can considering you're already suffering in Competitions confidence.
  13. Indeed. Just a note: "marginally faster" means "slightly faster". Not trying to pick at grammar, but we want everyone to know how much "Chrome beats Firefox and crushes IE," not mistakenly thinking they are similar.
  14. Impulse203ATX

    Season Expectations

    Oh... lol. I hope it stays that way. You should be fine until/unless the status drops below "Secure."