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  1. The whole point of the wage system is job security! If you're locked into a 5-year contract paying £3M p/a and you have a bad run of form, the chairman will probably stick with you,because the cost of firing you is £15M, whereas if you're earning £10k p/a for one year, there's negligible cost involved in firing you the first time something goes wrong... The flipside of this is that the higher the contract you demand, the smaller the club's wage budget; it lets you choose between your own job security and the success of the club. It does have some effect on the game, but it's never really made explicit. Perhaps if there were some form of notification in-game about this, there wouldn't be quite so many complaints about how "useless" the managerial salary is.
  2. No screenie to prove it, but I managed to eke out a EPL win with Tottenham, scoring 53 goals (tying with Stoke on your table) and conceding 25 (W:28 D:5 L:5). I was the king of the 1-0 victory, managing 20, and we played some absolutely atrocious football... I'd also be interested in hearing the opposite: The lowest position achieved with a large number of goals... In an old save of mine, Wigan and Bolton scored over 50 goals apiece, and yet still got relegated from the EPL.
  3. Just found it... I do apologise for posting this thread; I had searched, but obviously missed the original(s). http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/286770-Sticky-on-Steam-security-breach http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/286749-Steam-Unavailable-AGAIN..... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/286587-Valve-confirms-Steam-security-breach
  4. Having just checked the BBC News website, I've discovered this article.... Are there any ramifications for those of us who've either bought FM on Steam, or have installed it on there? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15690187 This question has nothing to do with whether FM should be on Steam - the fact of the matter is that FM is on Steam, and whining on the forum won't change that.
  5. battlescar

    David Beckham

    Does the fact he once was a youth player (91-93) for Tottenham, and spent many years playing for Manchester United come into play? That would probably explain it...
  6. I'm in the "love this idea" camp too... One idea that might work as an extension would be linking it to upgrading facilities, and making demands of your own in you feel you're in a strong position - only agreeing to join if certain training/youth facilities are improved, or an extra allowance for coaching staff, for example.
  7. Maybe cheats (no transfer windows, etc) like in some of the earlier games? Of course, I'm entirely aware that some people prefer LLM and other styles of play, and aren't interested in taking over a large club and steamrolling their way to a string of predictable league victories, and that linking this to money earned as opposed to Skill/Manager Points wouldn't be the best way of doing it...
  8. battlescar

    Football Manager 2012 TV Advert

    I'm going to have to agree with the general mood - the advert didn't really fill me with any extra excitement about the game to be honest. I'm pretty much going to buy it anyway, since the demo was fun (although only after 12.3 is released), but had I not played the demo, the advert would have done nothing either way, other than confirming the existence of the game (there's not much punch in those twenty seconds). Also, I've seen a few references to a SkyBet advert that people jokingly refer to as an FM advert. Does anyone have a link to it, or have I missed the boat? (EDIT: Apparently there's a revolutionary engine for searching for things on the internet. Who knew?)
  9. battlescar

    I just got a touchline ban...

    Thanks Kanukki That explains a lot - I tend to send the AssMan in to handle conferences, and when I do them, I'll normally only click the positive options
  10. battlescar

    I just got a touchline ban...

    If it's not a n00bish question, how do you get banned from the touchline? I haven't had the opportunity to criticise the referee, unless it's something you do in the post-match press conference... Is there a specific question that gives you this chance?
  11. Wouldn't it be a better idea just to actually make the money managers earn worth something ingame? At the moment, dirtyscarab's idea of $1 per week is pretty much the best way to save money, and without any drawbacks... EDIT: Oops, I forgot to say that if the money were worth something ingame, and didn't just take money away from the wage budget, it'd be a pretty cool idea! +1
  12. Surely it doesn't matter anyway? The clubs don't actually qualify for the Champions or Europa Leagues ingame...
  13. battlescar

    Surely not?!?

    Link without swearing: theregister.co.uk Edit: Here's his career record as well: sambafoot.com
  14. battlescar

    FM2011 Easter Eggs

    Cool... Is it another silly one like on April 1st? Or is it just a standard "Happy Birthday from [Club]" message?
  15. Having blown over 250 hours on my various FM2011 save files, I've stumbled across two Easter Eggs: 1) The April Fool/April 1st joke where you're offered a substantial cash injection (£100M, IIRC), only for it to transpire that the Chairman is pulling your leg (Activated on April 1st in the real world if it's April 1st in your game) 2) A jokey comment about applicants for managerial positions in-game being deluded FM players, which appears to be on an as-and-when basis. However, I'm convinced that in a game as big as this, which has probably had millions of man-hours lavished upon it, there have to be a fair few others that I haven't discovered yet. Would you guys happen to know of any Easter Eggs, such as they exist, and what conditions are needed to unlock them? Is anybody from SI willing to enlighten us?