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  1. Overall I am very satisfied with the FMT 2018 IOS edition however, I would really like to have the communication features, shouts, pre-match, in-match and post-match talks would be great too! Just say'in.
  2. Looks like this issue has been resolved in the latest hotfix 18.1.4.
  3. Great to see the FM16 Beta released today!!! Woo Hoo! Sucks to be on the west coast of N. America and being tortured by work while the rest are playing the new release!!! Planning a late night of FM16 tonight....... Work tomorrow? Maybe!!! :-)
  4. Currently involved in 3 temporary saves. Chivas in Liga MX, Whitecaps in MLS and Tottenham in EPL.
  5. I too bought the last one (Fifa Manager 14) to "check it out". Glad I got it on sale. Total game time (2 hours). FM14 total game time (over 800 hours according to Steam) and that does not include the time I spent playing FMH 14 on the ipad while travelling or away from my desktop. Keep up the great work SI!!!
  6. So many good choices, but in the end, it is an addiction!!!! I must admit it!!!!!
  7. I too will go this route! Excellent way to start a new career!
  8. Hey Zen! Try this one: 1. Vancouver on FM14 Laptop 2. Portsmouth on FMH14 iPad 3. Macclesfield on FMH14 iPad mini All at the same time!!!! :-)
  9. I get somewhat frustrated because it seems that the players with the highest ratings tend to be the ones that get injured most often and are out for the greatest length of time. Not necessarily position determined.
  10. I like the new features and the way the game plays and feels. It does need a bit of tweeking, but overall I enjoy it more. Having said that, I still play FM12 due to a few long term saves that I want to continue with. But I do already miss some of the new features of the game when playing FM12. Also, I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenges with FM13 too!
  11. Regular FM for me too! Tried the FMC in the Beta and found the only thing I liked was the skin selection.:o
  12. Agreed! On first look, this game has some very interesting new options and ways to play the entire "computer game". Takes some getting used to the new methods to activate certain elements of the computer game, but overall, I am enjoying what I see and it has been great to get into the BETA game and poke around for a few weeks before final release!
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