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  1. Rock Bottom It's half way through the season and your team is rock bottom of the division. Relegation is almost certain. Your three best players have just been sold in the January transfer window and there is little time to sign replacements. Through a run of luck you are somehow still in all other competitions. Can you do the unthinkable, avoid relegation and win a major trophy? Arsenal Circa 2010/2011 (joke) You are in all major competitions with only a few mediocre teams to beat along the way. Can you throw it all away and end up with nothing? Unstoppable Your team have been found guilty of match fixing the previous season and have been relegated. If that weren't bad enough you are starting the new season with -30 points. Your players have been loyal but some are feeling tempted to jump ship and may leave if the right offer comes in. The board will accept any reasonable offers. Can you hang on to your stars and get promoted in one season? Newcomers There has been unrest in the league and (a random team) has gone into administration and withdrawn from the league. You are the manager of a brand new team invited into a chosen division. However, you have no players, or staff, etc. You have a budget of £??M to build a squad before the season starts. You are expected to win the league/gain promotion in your first season U21s Due to accusations over a recent signing your club has been banned from signing any players over the age of 21 for a whole season. Your current players over 21 have been sold / have a season-long injury / are on loan elsewhere and cannot be recalled. Can your U21s win the league?
  2. I must say I am surprised the save games can even be transferred between devices at all. Excellent addition! Why is Lecksa even here? iRelease and someone just comes to complain. Lots of us love FM for iOS. FM2011 for iPad is the FM I have spent the most time on and I've been playing since it was CM all those years ago. Playing on iPad is great and quite fast paced, perfect for me.
  3. :applause:Challenge mode sounds fantastic. For years I used to try and do this (start half way through and see what I could win), now a real mode for it Can't wait to get my hands on it. Can the save games be synced between ipad and iphone? if yes I'm going to be seriously addicted...
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