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  1. Ive been playing football manager 2019 for a while now and ive not seen a VAR as yet Is there something wrong with my game or maybe I need to go into setting preff
  2. my name is already checked in this box This does not happen every time i place an offer for a player just on certain players like mendy of monaco and kante of chelsea
  3. Hi i`ve been struggling to find out how i can stop my director of football negotiating when i put a bid in for a certain player Iam currently playing on my save game as Arsenal with Wenger as director of football I`ve even sacked wenger but steve bould just picks up from where wenger left Can someone let me know how i can sort this please.
  4. I`ve just download beta version of game and iam starting a new save with Arsenal and was hoping to find an Arsenal thread but might be a bit early yet.
  5. ive downloaded the file and put in correct folder when i go into pref on 2014 game what do i need to do to get this to work any help would be good
  6. Hi i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get Team Chants as i did have this when i was running a previous FM game but can`t remember how or where i got it from. Any help would be really good here.
  7. i downloaded the audio commentary pack and was working fine for a while but only sound comes n when a disallowed goal has been scored. Iam now looking for a team chant pack if there is one around please
  8. do i replace this ball_shader.dds
  9. just done goal nets all looks good just need to know where to install balls
  10. ok just downloaded the balls but no instructions found where to install
  11. ok thanks for your help on this tho
  12. yes i did notce text had changed and thought that so i wil give the new file a try will it be the same install path as last time
  13. ive tried that and it didnt work as i still have just sound from crowd
  14. every time i copy it to events folder i have to download a new file
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