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  1. I usually start a couple of games, 1 as Man United so I can go at everything right away, then another thats somewhat of a challenge, on FM10 and 11 it's been Middlesbrough, then I just usually try and progress, be it with Boro or moving on to another team.
  2. In FM10 I started when I was 30 (obviously) and by the time my save corrupted, I was 52, so 22 seasons, my career started at middlesbrough, then padova, then fulham, the porto, then man u then bayern then ac milan. and nope I didnt get sacked from any of of those I did however resign from boro and fulham before I was pushed, but I won nearly every big competition I was in, and I also won the world cup, euros and confed cup with england I was pretty annoyed when the save corrupted, though I have found traces of the game since
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