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  1. Hi Come across a new problem which has attributed to around a 3rd of my conceded goals, and that is not clearing away lose balls in my 6 yard box, a shot will come in and the keeper will parry it and it'll just get bounced around until its knocked in by an opposition player, starting to get a bit of a joke now... Playing with Liverpool default on pretty much everything but marking is zonal. fluid and philosophy changes depending on opponent.
  2. Now 10 years ago, I'd have shouted LEEDS, but not recently... Villa, West Ham , Spurs could be judged as the better ones in the Premier League other than the ones you've already mentioned.
  3. Id go for out of position, im having to do the same in my Villa game, Park is playing RB often now.
  4. Good evening... Just wanted a quick discussion about key players and the effects of time on the ball and creative freedom and how they can also affect other players. Firstly, if we take Liverpool, we'd have Gerrard in the middle of the pitch as playmaker, obviously he'll have high creative freedom, and in some sections of gamers, they aren't happy with his performance. Also I'm guessing that most gamers will also have attacking styles, so fast tempo, low time wasting... so my first question is, which will allow a playmaker more time on the ball to pick the right pass, lowering tempo or raising time wasting (or both?) Secondly, does this have an adverse effect on defensive players? having lower tempo or higher time wasting will have the central defenders also having more time on the ball... does having low creative freedom combat this? So key questions are.... 1. To allow a playmaker more time to make the better plays, do we change the tempo/time wasting? 2. How do change these settings so that Jamie Carragher doesn't try to emulate Pele? and get caught out with more time on the ball? Thank You Matt
  5. How do I go about stopping this? The situations are 1. a ball goes over a defenders head, so starts trotting back for it, only for the the opposition to WALK past him and beat him to the ball. and 2. similar in midfield and attack areas, my player will be close to the ball and just let the opposition just beat him to it, every single time.
  6. I have this with my schedules too, mainly the younger players, knock it down a couple of notches.
  7. Ah, must be this browser... ill check with another, cheers.
  8. Maybe just look at what he is actually doing, sometimes a great player won't get noticed at all, just quietly does his job.
  9. He's definitely one you want to keep hold of and look again at him as a first team player when he's around 21/22, loan him out as much as possible and get him tutored by players who have high anticipation (may rub off?) and training specifically around building anticipation and other mental attributes. As a side note, I've found that loaning a player out for half a season and playing him in your reserves for the other half works wonders.
  10. Cheers lads, trying to recreate a similar style to Arsenal when they had wingers cutting in and storming towards goal.
  11. Evening Just wondering what the following effect would be... using a simple 442, your wide players/wingers having play in channels instead of hug touchline... what would this achieve? Would it be a complete balls up, or would it allow more movement by the front 2 into more space?
  12. Clossing down

    screenshots maybe of how your team is set up to close down?
  13. So call "big four" relegated

    In an older version, Liverpool became a yo-yo team, Steven Gerrard was manager.
  14. I used that shape last season and rocketed up the football league with Leeds, its a nifty shape as its a mix of 4-4-2 and 4-2-4, I used Inside Forwards on attack, but this left me with a large space between the wings and full backs... now if i had used support I could have won more trophies...