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  1. I have tried all the steps in there. My graphics card is up to date, as is DirectX, .Net Framework and the whole lot. I had Raptr installed, but I have uninstalled it but the problem still persists.
  2. Rather than making a new post, I figured I'd reply to this instead. My problem is exactly as @PLatoe described in his post. All I get is a black screen when I launch the game. I follow the same steps as he does to get the game working, but it's just frustrating that I have to go through such roundabout methods to play the game. When I finally get the game working, it means I can't do anything else, as when I switch from the game to another application (like browse or something), when I switch back to the game, it's frozen and I can't do anything on it. I have to use the task manager to close the game. Sometimes, it's downright horrible, where I can't do anything on my laptop anymore because the game's full screen is interfering with everything. I can switch between programs with the task bar, but I can use them, like click on it (can't close the game with task manager as I can't click on it either). My only recourse is to restart my laptop. It's just annoying that I haven't been able to enjoy the game since I got it over a week now.
  3. So, I just wanted to know what the best way is to go about squad rotation. I have a couple of players complaining about first team football and though I try to give them some playing time, it doesn't seem to be enough. So what the best way to do it, giving players enough playing time to keep them happy and also develop well?
  4. I tend to suffer a lot of yellow cards, and the red cards are usually straight reds. I think I've only had two situations where the red cards came from double booking. All the straight red cards have been results of vicious fouls. My team currently tops the yellow cards table in the league with 82 yellow cards. The second team is Sampdoria with 68, so that's quite a lot. As for red cards, I'm in fourth with 5 red cards. There's definitely more if I take into account the Champions League and the Italian Cup. In the last match I played, which was the Italian Cup final against Lazio, I have four yellow cards and two straight red cards, both for vicious fouls. From what I've noticed, most of them are from two-footed tackles, hacking feet etc. Also, I'm not sure how to do the screenshot thingie. Plus, I used the 2D, so not sure if that helps and whatnot.
  5. I play as Milan, so I'm not sure it the foul increase with the latest patch should affect me. Besides, it's been the same even before the latest update. My formation is a 4-1-2-1-2 and my current tactic setup is like this: Shorter Passing Play Out of Defence Run at Defence Play Wider Push Higher Up Roam from Position Hassle Opponents Use Tight Marking Use Offside Trap Lower Tempo Be More Expressive As I've stated, I've tried the Stay on Feet instruction, but that doesn't work. I've even tried the Ease Off Tackles instruction for all my players, yeah the numbers of fouls, yellow cards, and red cards are still too high.
  6. I seriously have no idea what to do regarding the fouls. My team seems to commit a lot of fouls and it's so frustrating. In the last game, which was a cup final, my team got two red cards. Heck, even the press asks me about the aggressiveness of my team. I've tried different things. I've tried the stay on feet instruction, I've tried it without, and I've even tried assigning ease off tackles on all my players, but nothing works at all. On average, I get up to five yellows cards a game and it's become really annoying. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I can do to reduce the number of fouls my teams commits? All help and suggestions are welcomed and much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks for confirming this. Looking forward to getting the game now.
  8. Considering getting the game, and just wanted to know if the 2D match view is still available, cause I'm certain my laptop would be able to handle the 3D.
  9. AC Milan - May 2018 - 4-1-2-1-2 Team 1 GK - Nené (regen) DR - Sime Vrsaljko DC - Thiago Silva DC - Phil Jones DL - Domenico Criscito DMC - Yann M'Vila MC - Marek Hamsik MC - Abou Traoré (regen) AMC - Mesut Ozil STC - Sergio Aguero STC - Neymar Team 2 GK - Salvatore Sirigu DR - Andre Loucano (regen) DC - Kyriakos Papadopoulos DC - Kai Langeneke (regen) DL - Cavit Taskomur (regen) DMC - José Antonio (regen) MC - Kossivi Diallo (regen) MC - Moussa Sissoko AMC - Ganso (set back by injuries) STC - Pato (same as Ganso, else he'd be in Neymar's slot) STC - Stevan Jovetic
  10. I've been managing AC Milan, and have been unsuccessful as well. Though, there was this that happened. I made another request after Berlusconi had announced he was stepping down. He agreed, and planning commenced. It continued during and after the board takeover, and at the end of it. Nothing happened. Did move to supposed new stadium, and new chairman always declines.
  11. I've had problems loaning players. My recent one was with one of my young goalkeepers who cried about wanting more first team matches, even though he's played about 17 games for the first half of the season. I promised to loan him out and he agreed. Come the transfer season, he refused to go out on loan to any club I offered him to, feeder clubs included. On the final day of the transfer market, he requested a transfer. So, yeah, hope it gets better in later versions.
  12. Ah, sweet! Thanks for that. I have a 19 year old Model Professional, and I only wanted him to learn a senior player's PPM, but didn't want to risk changing his personality. I've always used the second, so that explains why some youngster state they gained little even though their personalities changed. Thanks again.
  13. Another silly question about tutoring: When asking a player to tutor a youngster, is there a difference between the two options available? That is, 'help improve tutee game' and 'take under wing and mentor off pitch'. I assume the first is to have the youngster learn the tutor's PPM, and the other is to change personality and mental attributes, or am I wrong?
  14. Just making certain, as I think I may have read this somewhere. Not sure... but, does reputation matter when tutoring players? Or would that just be squad status?
  15. I was wondering if there are any tips on signing older players as tutors. I usually only sign youngsters and first team players, and now that I really want to focus on developing my youngsters, I realise I haven't the best of tutors. If I do sign a couple, I can't guarantee game time, and not sure what kind of effect it'll have and such. Any help will be much appreciated.
  16. I seem to be having these injury problems as well, but what I find really annoying is the fact that the players lose a lot of attributes, Determination included, and never seem to get it back. I've had Ganso, rated 4 stars by my Assistant Manager down to 3 stars, and Pato, from 4 stars down to 3.5. Both were first choice in their respective positions, and are now third choice. At some point in a season as well, I lost all my central midfielders with long term injuries for 3-4 months each. And they all seem to happen during matches or while they're on international duties.
  17. Name: Sergio Aguero Position: ST Role: Trequartista (and I've also tried him as a Deep Lying Forward) Duty: Attack Other additional instructions: Club: AC Milan Club's formation: 4-1-2-1-2 What do you want from your player: Scoring and assist. He's been getting very poor ratings, and when I've tried warning/fining, he reacts very badly. And his 'Shoots from Distance' PPM is annoying, as he misses most of the time. I've tried getting him to unlearn without luck.
  18. I'm not keen on paying that sum, but Arsenal won't accept anything lower. Oh, well! I guess I'll try again in the future, as he's still only 24. A decent backup player it is.
  19. Buying Player Name: Aaron Ramsey Your Team: AC Milan Seller: Arsenal Player's Value: £10.25M Offer: £110M Transfer/Wage Budget: £126M / £2.7M (currently spending £2M) Patch: 12.2 Season: 5th season I get a big budget this season, and having not made big signing for my first team the last two seasons seasons (and only signed a handful of decent youngsters), it became apparent in my last season that I needed a central midfielder. He fits what I'm looking for, my scout rate him 4 stars, and I haven't found any other. Though, I'm not sure if it's wise paying that sum for him. I don't see myself buying any players, so I can spend. And if I were, it'd be more youngsters my scouts find. What do you think? Should I go for it?
  20. Probably a silly question, but when training to get a player to unlearn a move, and a coach states he doesn't think he can, is there a chance the player would actually be able to unlearn the move?
  21. I've never really managed a team other than AC Milan. In my current save, I received job offers from Man Utd and Barcelona (with a budget of £175M), and I turned both down, despite both being bigger clubs, heh.
  22. First of, I accidentally have one of my players learning the wrong move -- at least, not the one I wanted him to learn; and so, I was wondering if there is a way to actually stop the training. Second, I was wondering what actually determines the tone coaches use in team talks. I have three coaches with the same Motivation attributes, but one uses an assertive tone, another passionate, and the other calm. And what tone would be better to use, or does this depend on certain circumstances? Thanks!
  23. so, looking to pay a bit more attention to this aspect, I was hoping you guys can help with how best to set up my scouting assignments. I'm managing AC Milan, as always, with no scouting restrictions. I'm allowed up to 18 scouts, and currently have 13, but I can bring in more, if need be. Basically, I'm aiming to discover first team players, as well as youngsters with a lot of potentials. Do I go about it by scouting regions, individuals nations, or specifics competitions and all? Any advices would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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