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  1. How's your fan doing? In past experience for me playing ay FMs on my Macbook resulted in my Macbook getting incredibly hot, the fan going insane, and performance suffering. Is your fan still working without a problem?
  2. Out of curiosity, on the assumption that you load most of the leagues and countries except for maybe asia, what size of database is optimum? Small with most countries loaded?
  3. Not only that but a higher reputation gained from being promoted means better players will be willing to sign for you...
  4. Is it known whether the 14.3 patch will be compatible with old saves? Would like to know before I restart steam so that I can disable automatic updating.
  5. I do. It's for very slight tweaking. For example I have a B2B MC who I prefer plays more offensively so I hit Get Further Forward for him. I also have an IF who is pretty bad at finishing so Shoot Less Often is ticked for him.
  6. Is everyone basically complaining about their 1 tactic they use the entire match and how the AI just starts dominating ? As others have said, the AI eventually learns your tactic a bit too and begins to adjust. All things being equal the ME treats both sides equally (Human and AI) and it comes down to tactics, to a degree. But you know what the AI does during matches that I bet at least 80% of the people complaining don't, and which has an effect on the outcome of a match? It adjusts it's tactics throughout the entire match. It adjusts it's opposition instructions throughout the match. Is everyone paying attention when they go up 1 - 0 and then the AI switches from a 4-2-3--1 Counter to an Attacking (philosophy) 4-4-2 formation? Are people aware that when the AI switches their formation up their Opposition Instructions that they set before the match basically gets reset to no instructions? You have to redo your instructions. If people stop being an Extended / Key highlights playback armchair manager and start noticing these subtle changes by the AI, then you'll be able to counter iright back at the AI and improve. Remember the AI has opp. instructions set against you as well. Change your formation up a bit and the AI is going to have to reconsider it's opp. instructions as well. I know my game has definitely improved as a result
  7. 1. Ensure the player's interest in joining your club is extremely high. That you can see on the scouting reports. 2. Declare interest in signing player. 3. Review players reaction to your declaration of interest. If it's all something like, "Would jump at the chance to join your amazing club!" you'll have a good chance of unsettling him. 4. Make an offer what you think is reasonable. You have to be fair. If he's valued at like 500k but the team wants 30 million for him. Make an offer of 10 to 12 million. 5. Keep making transfer offers around the same range you initially did. The club will keep rejecting (saying it's unacceptable) but the whole time your actually unsettling the player because he'll be upset that the club didn't allow him to talk to you. 6. If everything goes accordingly the player could become unsettled and demand a transfer which will highly decrease the asking price. I was after a superstar hot prospect right back / wingback a league below me. The players club wanted 35 million for the player and kept rejecting any offer I made. I followed this process and offered in the region of 10-12 million continuously. After about a month the player become unsettled and I noticed that he had asked for a transfer. I jumped in with an offer of 15 million and snapped him up!
  8. Pretty much this. I would have taken that offer in a heart beat for a player I no longer need nor want.
  9. ...and you're aware that players are not exactly consistent for every single game? Finding players who actually are consistent every single game is a rarity.
  10. Does Bhutan even have enough worldwide players to field a team?
  11. This is why I'm wondering though because I have noticed the complete opposite. My players get ridiculously sloppy and the AI presses ridiculously good near the end of the match if I am winning the AI is losing. Yet when I'm down a goal and go full overload, press, high tempo etc. my players seem content to pass it back to the goalie or just sit back and deep while the AI has the ball. :confused:
  12. I play with my tactic including Hassle Opponents and Get Stuck In w/ a Much Higher Defensive Line. Imagine Sampaoli's Chile 3-4-3 I'm curious how sometimes when I'm winning in the 70th minute the AI manages to go SUPER aggressive. I mean like as soon as my player receives the ball an AI player is tackling my player and launching a quick counter. The AI didn't show this aggression the entire game yet all of a sudden in the last 10 minutes they are on top of everything! Conversely though, this sort of a aggression on my part seems impossible. If I'm down a goal in the 70 or 75 minute I go Overload. I already have Much Higher Defensive Line, Hassle, Get Stuck In active most of the time. Yet even with these settings, down a goal, my players think it's more appropriate to pass backwards back to my goalie, or just sit back and watch as the AI has possession in my third. So is it because the AI likely was not playing at as high a tempo or hassling opponents? The AI players maybe had more stamina near the end to exude the urgency of the situation? Does the ME know to take into account the players energy levels and do they play much more aggressive near the end of the match if their stamina is higher? Just wondering if this is true because then as a player who plays aggressively in his tactic it makes more sense tactically to ease back later in the game since you're tactic calls for you to "theoretically" be winning near the end of the match because you played so aggressively to start. Cleon?
  13. So I'm playing in Ligue 1 and I have this guy: Bottom right corner I have a screenshot what it's telling me about him in FMScout/FMGenie. He is the *god damn* best sweeper in the WORLD in my game. Looking at this stats of 16 Jumping, 16 Heading, 16 Positions you'd think he'd be scoring from headers in set pieces regularly. My problem is this guy NEVER jumps for balls. On corners I have him set to attack the Far Post yet he never seems to jump. Where would place this guy in your set-pieces? It's pretty crazy how people say they score so regularly from set-pieces but in my save I rarely ever score. The AI scores set-pieces against me without abandon but me? From a header? NEVER. The times I do score from a set-piece it is the AI heading it clear and my guy banging it volley from the penalty spot or from 12 yds. I never score headers because my players never jump for a ball. Any advice how you'd set this guy up? Attack From Deep and maybe set corner placement to the 6yd box?
  14. It's possible for him to become natural at CM if he is played there often enough.
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