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  1. Wowzers. What's your training settings at out of curiosity? 10% Match Prep / 90% General? What are you General training? Are you giving him individual focus or specific role training?
  2. Their reputation AFAIK sort of determines what their salary expectations could be whether they'd likely join your club. If you're starting out with Arsenal or some top 4 world club reputation will really mean nothing but if you're starting out a long term save with a bottom division club? Don't expect to sign a staff member with continental or national reputation.
  3. The assistant managers suggestions during the game sometimes baffle me. For example - if our short passing game during the game is excellent why does he suggest we start playing more direct and throw long balls forward (Shout: Get The Ball Forward) ?? Why would I want to adjust a good thing (our short passing game?!) If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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