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  1. ... just ****....****... ****... (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((8
  2. WTF... I just hope my save isn't damaged....
  3. Well the pre- season is over, as usual, we did a good job. Here are the fixtures. This time I really hope the team do a great job agaisnt inferior teams, because, i think there were our problem the last season... In other news, we lost 2 CB, our GK, and 1 MC, they retired,but we make a new sign a DMC, that has played the whole pre-season and did a good job : ), maybe not all the hope is losed Well... Let's see where this new season takes us
  4. Well... this second season, was really a let down... because, i tought that we could have done a better season, i'm not gonna blame the players, the referee, i don't know, maybe it's me who doesn't know how to motivate my players, but what i saw, is that they get too complacent and thats why we lose against teams that are very inferior to us... Also, my contract epires in about 30 days... I don't know if i should keep with the team or go an try in another place ...
  5. That's quite a challenge xD ... Good luck
  6. You know that you and your players are doing a great job... When you read this )))))))))))) This is just a litle update ... i'll soon be posting the half of the season
  7. Signing a CB for the next season... plays wonderfully the whole pre-season ... can't play for 4 years for personal reasons...
  8. It's always nice to know that people believe in you ... i'll try not to disappoint you , and lets see where this new season take us
  9. I don' know... i hope those games were enough ... i would liked to play more games, but most of the players are semi-pros, so they don't have the fitness of a proffesional... but, in the most of the pre-season games the team played vey well, they did a lot of teamwork and played as one when it came to defend and i'm pleased of how things are going... but yes... i would liked to play more games xD
  10. Thanks for the advice
  11. and these are the new players of the team
  12. And our pre season is over... we did a good job... here are the fixtures and here are the board expecatations... i hope this time we make it to the top half
  13. yeah, that's a beautiful place to play football
  14. Like i was saying... we had a difficult challenge, but we did pretty well, except for the match agaisnt molde 2... they did what they wanted to us, but for a first season i think we did pretty well here are the fixtures. i must say... i took the team at the 7th match and here is the league table
  15. And so... the First season finally ends. I must say... it wasn't easy, we were at the botom of the table when i take the team... but we made it trough the legue and we end up in the 7th position... I made two signs. a striker... that ended up being a left winger; and a fullback... the both of them ended up being crucial for the team... and i'm happy for that here is the fullback and here is the striker