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  1. Also this guy! Expensive for a 17 year old from a fellow norwegian club at £2.1M, but I have high hopes for him! Having more fun in the norwegian market than since Ajer, Ødegaard and Hou Sæter
  2. Another gem from my Bodø/Glimt save, straight from the youth team: And Sahraoui by middle of the second season. Fun player!
  3. I saw that! The Odd researcher has gone a little bit bananas in my opinion - their squad looks great too. Josh Kitolano excellent for an 18 year old and with huge potential - and the little bit older but still young players Selvik, Bjørtuft and Kaasa also really strong for the level they're playing at. This on top of their older, established players, who certainly hasn't been UNDER-rated, and you have a team that looks like it should be challenging for the title in Norway every save. But I guess it's all been tested...
  4. As mentioned, Bodø/Glimt look great! In addition to Berg and Bjørkan check out Philip Zinckernagel on an expiring contract and ball playing defender Marius Lode. Seems to be a number of good talents in Norway this year - in my first save (as Bodø/Glimt) I went for Osame Sahraoui as a JP Hauge replacement to compliment their excellent squad - exciting but unpolished dribbler who plays for Vålerenga. Very excited to see how good he can become. Also trying to sign Sivert Mannsverk from Sogndal, who is one of the most sought after talents in the country irl.
  5. Luring the opponent a bit forward and hitting on the counter is certainly a big part of the setup.
  6. Never thought about this possibility - but it certainly makes some sense. I'll do some experimenting. Regarding the holding role I feel the benefits of having the BWMs lateral movement is important to covering the flanks better. I had some problems being too open on the left side, and changing from a more static DM role was part of the solution to that.
  7. The thought is to ensure central midfield is a little more stable when the initial press is bypassed.
  8. Thanks for this, I'll keep an eye on it. I have at least two games in mind over the last few months in game where I think this strategy would have left me better off. With regards to teams playing out from the back I'm pretty comfortable with them doing that and even pushing me a bit back, knowing that chances are I'll score on the break before they manage to hurt me. So I think I'll leave the line of engagement untouched as of now, but will certainly try to ease up on the pressing from the front when I play counter attacking teams who are good on the ball. Regarding the stopper/cove
  9. So, this tactic already performs a lot of what I want it to do, but I would love some input on a couple of issues. The thought here is to by dropping the line of engagement a notch and leaving the d-line on standard to make my team compact and add get stuck in to make the environment between my lines as hostile as possible for the opposition. The BWM in the DM spot, generally hard working players in midfield and the slightly more urgent pressing on the positive mentality, also helps achieve that. When I win the ball I have counter points high up the pitch in the raumdeuter on the lef
  10. Thanks for the reply. It's working really well though, so I don't feel the need to change anything. Am at the start of my fifth season and everything is humming. I agree that some of the instrictions are counter-intuitive, that's because I went with the vertical tiki taka template, changed a few things and then got results way before I expected to. You're right that the trequartista is the main goal threat, and that he doesn't do too much creating other than that. He does however fit very nicely into what is a very patient, possession based tactic. As mentioned the tactic perf
  11. Four of them are regens, so wouldn't expect you to know them. Everyone should know Arabidze though, what a player. Very good and very cheap. I also have a high block with my front three closing down more and the rest of the midfield closing passing lanes, to get that pressing trap everyone is talking about. Other than that there aren't really many player instructions - this was one of the saves where everything clicked surprisingly fast and I didn't need to change a lot from my original setup. As you can see it has its origin in a Vertical tiki taka template, and i really just changed
  12. At the moment I play with a regista and the same formation as the OP. Actually I use exactly the same roles as him from midfield and back to the keeper - only difference is that my mezzala is on support. The tactic performs (perhaps surprisingly?) extremely well defensively. So unless you're talking about the need for one more support role in midfield I don't agree with you here.
  13. Juan Roa looks absolutely great value. Had a £230k offer accepted.
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