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  1. Juan Roa looks absolutely great value. Had a £230k offer accepted.
  2. Wow - that goal is insane! And good to be reminded of just how fun a striker Emeghara was in his heyday. And double wow - that thread really is nostalgia lane. A great bunch posting really good updates. Just going through Grasshoppers' playing squad from that time is great entertainment for me.
  3. Young Boys huh. So much for loyalty.. Looks like you're having a fun save though! After a swiss break for FM 17 and 18 I expect I'll be back at Grasshoppers soon. Always feels like home. The squad REALLY didn't tempt me this time around though, and there isn't much in real life suggesting that it'll be better for the new game. Still time to go back to where everything feels right though.
  4. Little update on Hugo Vetlesen one and a half season into the game: Insane mental attributes for an 18 year old.
  5. Not talking about the concept, but the value quoted relative to the standard of the league and player.
  6. Markus Solbakken, son of the great Ståle Solbakken. Looks like a good prospect, and, like Eng Strand, available for peanuts. In this save Stabæk paid ~£20k.
  7. This is Sander Eng Strand at the start of the second norwegian league season. Starts at Ham Kam, on a youth contract so available for just £1.9k in compensation. Has been at my club for around three months at this stage in his development. Five star potential(from a Rosenborg point of view obviously).
  8. Good one. Purchased him for my Rosenborg team ahead of the first season - is a really cheap, two-footed wing back option with good dribbling skills and an attacking mindset. His crossing leaves something to be desired, but great value for what you have to pay.
  9. Yeah, this is definitly something new. Tried to bid for unhappy FC Midtjylland striker Paul Onuachu, and was quoted £40M. That's for a 23 year old player valued at 1.5m, that doesn't have much room to grow.
  10. Another good one from the norwegian bargain basement: Internationalist Even Hovland have returned to his former club Sogndal after an unsuccessful spell in Germany, and looks like a great option if you're looking for a cheap defender. [/IMG]
  11. Hugo Vetlesen around 6 months into the first (norwegian) season: https://imgur.com/KRPxyVf Doesn't turn eighteen until february next year either. High hopes for this one.
  12. Wow, the research done on the players in the Norwegian premier division varying wildly in quality. Krepin Diatta at Sarpsborg a really bad central defender with mediocre potential? Really? 100% impossible to follow the league at all and make that mistake. One of the more interesting ones in Norway this year is 16 year old midfielder Hugo Vetlesen from Stabæk. Looks like he could become a monster - and already good enough for first team football in a smaller league. Also, Sigurd Rosted looks like a very handy budget defender, and Kristoffer Zachariassen a bargain midfield dynamo. The latter one doesn't seem to want to move in the first window, though.
  13. A "playing in the scandinavian leagues/norwegian league" was what I was thinking, but the nordic talent thread has its own history and popularity and propably warrants its own thread. I'm sure any traditional "playing in.."-thread will be packed with great player tips though. As I haven't seen anything from Herbie yet regarding the Scandinavia thread I think I'll get started on a Norwegian league thread, as I'm pretty eager to get going with this.
  14. I like this idea. I was thinking of doing a separate one for the norwegian league, but with a lot of player movement between these leagues and a lot of cultural similarities between the countries one thread for all of Scandinavia makes sense. Hopefully it will also generate more interest. Let me know if you want any help doing writeups on the norwegian teams - it's my home league and I should have a good handle on it.
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