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  1. Hello I wonder if attendance affect players performance. I mean, i usually play at home in my stadium of 40 000 seats. Will my players be better if i play home in my new stadium of 80 000 seats ? Thanks
  2. Ok thanks. And the fan confidence is linked to which benefit for the player ? Some assumptions : - Better performance on the field at home ? - Stronger position of the coach (in his job, i mean he is harder to fire) ? - Better merchandising incomes ? - Better attendance, which would lead to make stadium improvement or rebuilding easier ? Thanks
  3. Hello In my training schedule, i have the group of sessions "other activies", in which there si "team spirit" and "local activities with fan + charity program". For the local activities, i wanted to know what are the other impacts of the session, other than the explained "team cohesion". I mean, if it is different from the session "team spirit", there must be a reason. For example, will it improve the number of fans attending the local match ? Or will it help my dirigeants to accept a new stadium ? Last time they said "without more support from local population, the news stadium will
  4. Thanks but it helps even more if you answer of the tackle : does technique help to tackle better ? Thanks for opinion. Any more opinions about it ?
  5. Of course you are right, but it is linked to orientate the ball when he touches the head. It would happen after challenging and winning the ball versus opponent. My question is more related to the efficiency of the tackling for example. Will a high technical defender tackle with more efficiency ( = getting more balls without fouling) ?
  6. I understand what you mean, but it is pretty random, and if the attribute does properly his job, it is likely to go badly for a player with "important matche" low rating. Lets take a player with 5/20 in big matches rating. He will probably perform bad (rating 6 in matches) and stay bad. Whereas someone with 14/20 is likely to perform and improve.... To tell the truth, i don't understand why the development squad made this choice. I assumed that i missed something, that's why i ask my question. It is not usual for Football Manager to go this way, there is often a way to have so
  7. Hello I read in forums that "technique" is a wide attribute, which can combine with pretty much everything. But according to what i read on the attribute, by hovering it ingame, it is "The quality of a player when he has the ball. It is usefull to succeeed in long pass or hard pass for example", so i would say that it won't help my defender to tackle better. Then : Does technique help the abilty of tackling for example, or heading, or anything to remove the ball from opponent ? Or is it just when you have the ball that it is usefull. Thanks
  8. OK.... Well i'm kind of disappointed (but i accept that xD), meaning that someone bad in important match will be likely worse and worse, and someone good will become better and better (except if there is luck, but we can't base a strategy of improvement on that). Thanks
  9. Hello guys We play online with a friend, and during a match him VS me (1st vs 2nd of the league, very important match as you can imagine...) we had an issue. Lets call Home Player "Player A" and Away player "Player B" (i wont tell you who i am, so that there is no influence). Original match : It is the 40th minut and player B scores. It is 0-1 and the game crashes. Player A and Player B are ok for a rematch. Player A says "i will give you 1 goal in compensation" in kind of compensation for the crash Player B says "i want a 0-1 scenario in the rematch".
  10. Yea the big match is relative to your team. My questions are still up : - Does the "important match" attribute increase over time (by playing normal match) ? - Does it increase by playing important match (whatever the performance) ? Or - Does it only increase/decrease upon the the performance in big match ? - Combination of previous quotation ? @Seb Wassellwe need youuuuu Thanks
  11. Interesting question. I just can tell that the training rate is often high for players with good personnality (perfectionnist, professionnal etc) and higher rate seems to lead to better attributes development. But that's not your question, we want to know if good training is a sign, a clue, meaning that the player will play next match at his top CA (like if we could guess that he will be probably consistent for the next match)
  12. Hello. Ok but maybe they are already fringe because they play in very low clubs ?
  13. @HUNT3R Thanks for your answers, but you or someone of the staff ( @Seb Wassell ?) , maybe can answer to the last part ? Is there a gain across time or is it ONLY a question of well/bad performing during the big match ? Thanks
  14. Ok but it does not mean that you don't gain confidence in yourself over years, by playing more and more professional matches. - IRL it could make sense that you become more and more ready to play big matches, even if you don't take part in big matche yet. - In the same idea, IRL, we could consider that even if you play poorly in 1 big match, you will learn from it and become stronger for the next big matche. But even if the IRL debate is open, i would like to be sure of what mechanism FM has retain for this attribute. So you maintain that there is no gain across time, and it is
  15. Ok but, int he same time, does it increase overtime with experience, even if they play only "normal" matches ? (without big importance). In this case, it would be a good strategy to make a wonderkid play only low importances matches, until they are ready to go to the big ones. Thanks
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