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  1. Thanks. I tested with editor and indeed, the game prevent you from not giving 20 to one of the two feets. One 20 is mandatory. Concerning your saying about the CA ajustements of the game (if you increase or decrease the foot notation), is it immediate or does it take time ? I mean, if for a match, if 5 minuts before the match i give +5 for each feet, will i have a boosted guy for the match ? Or the attributes are immediately decreased in compensation ? I read somewhere that the CA adjustement could take some time.
  2. Hello I wondered what is the influence of the notation of each foot, in the average performance of a player. For study purpose, i would like to know what would happen if for example we set (lets say via via editor) the notation of 1/20 to each foot for player. Would he perform terribly, even if he has a good CA ? Thanks for your opinion
  3. In Espagna with 2 friends. We all finish at 92 pts, but only goal difference made one of my friend the champion I will always remember his last game vs barcelona. He was 1-1 at the 94e and Messi scored against him, 2-1 for Barcelona et maybe the loss of title for him... but.... Directly after, at the 95e his teams scores. Draw => champion.
  4. Thanks for these very interesting answers. As a GK doesnt fool, i will definitely keep him The other interesting point, is the translation of "dirtiness" in terms of gameplay. Dirtiness does imply more fools and hard ones, which can lead to negative issues (free kicks, red cards) and more rarely positive ones (opponent demoralised, injuries, fool not seen by the referee). That's mostly negative, but more balanced that we could think before. That's why, the translation of dirtiness in French seems not correct imho. It is translated as "Violence" = "Dirtiness". And "violence" in Fren
  5. Interesting dilemma. I also saw a PA of 198 xD.......... I think i will give him a try, and will keep you posted. If there are other opinions, i'm still interested in. OMG, twice !
  6. Hello. Sorry if it is not the good word, but the hidden attribute i want to discuss is "Violence" in French, and i think it corresponds to "Dirtiness" in English. I wonder if this attribute can be somehow good (for example, if it improoves 1 vs 1, or can impress opponent etc...) or if it is always bad. I got a regen Goalkeeper and i went to editor to see the personality of the guy, and he is 19 for violent things. My secondary question is : how dirtiness will result for a goalkeeper ? He may concede a lot of penalties+red cards.... Or may break some leg of superstar striker
  7. Hi @knap , thanks for all these tactics. I'm testing them among in a lot of configuration (vs 433 vs 4231 vs 352 etc) and they perform very well. Just a question about your use of Pogba in your 442 P108ALLCUPS (double mezzala in center). He is right footed (mainly) and you use him in the left side of midfield. Is it because he performs better this way? Does a mezzala, after mooving to the space of the side behind WM, get the the ball then moove like an inside forward ? That is why it make sense to put him on the inverted foot/side ? Sorry for bad english and thanks for your answer.
  8. I tested different schedules on a same youth squad, reloading the game at the start of the year to compare improvements. I think that the physical focus works (but you cannot abuse it, i mean 6-7 sessions is enough to maximize the benefits). You should give them some playing time in A team as well (great improvements) or B team (if it's better level than U19).
  9. I understand that you can't tell precisely what it gives or not. It is probably a % of something global. I don't want know exactly what is it, but it would be fair to have an idea on any numbers of the gain. Is it close to +1%, or +10% ? It makes a huge difference and we have no information. I mean, we know that our players are progressing from 12,8 to 13,2 in finishing through training (a very accurate information), but we can't have a clue of what impact will have a match preparation session, in terms of result. It is a bit unbalanced as information access
  10. Maybe @Seb Wassell could give us a clue about the strenght of this bonus ? In order to judge the opportunity of choosing a normal training session in stead of a match preparation session, it would be good to have an idea on the bonus strenght. Thanks a lot.
  11. In my simulations, i tried a training schedule full physical for U19, compared to a training balancing physical/technical stuffs. The full physical training did not give better results in physical attributes than the balanced one (NB : there was already 4-5 physical session in the "balanced one", so it is already good, but still less than the physical one with 11-12 sessions). So it is like if each attributes had is own growing potential on 1 year, and once you have "fill the bottle" at his maximum, it can't grow anymore at the moment. It may be what my assman means. It can be a limi
  12. I have one last question about the strenght of the bonus given for the upcoming match by match prep session. Do we have any idea on the strenght of this bonus ? I mean, is this something like 1 attribute point in the specifics domains quoted in the bonus ? More or less ? Something fixed or it can go on a random range, for example : from plus X% of the attributes to plus 2X% of the attributes ? We have an annoucement of this bonus but no idea about how big is it, approximatively. Thanks
  13. The way you see it, is the fair way, and i hope it is the real one. Let's hope Seb can confirme. Yeah i meant defensive shape. I ran some simulations of training for a whole season, with "abusing" of match preparations sessions, and it didn't give better results than using usual sessions (where you can find role training as well). I'm trying different combinations to find "the best" for developping youth (if you have link to similar studies, feel free to transmit ;). As far i see at the moment, training can have some optimization but no abuse. And the complementary key, it's to
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