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  1. Israel Astruc looks perfect, all the way down to the slightly bent nose.
  2. Player Name: Israel Astruc Nation of birth (choose from: France, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion) France Month and date of birth (year will be set for all) Oct 15 Ht/Wt (in meters/kgs) 1.70/76kg position(s): DM with MC as secondary position Assign one attribute (4 total) (technical/mental/physical) at 18, 15, 12...and 3. Rest of attributes will be randomized by the database.: Professionalism - 18 Work Rate- 15 Positioning - 12 Corners - 3 You may select one PPM Marks Opponents Tightly
  3. Jake will take Dribbling to 15, Acceleration to 18, and Pace to 20 which I believe is exactly 125 points.
  4. Jake will raise acceleration up 3 to 14, and Crossing and Natural Fitness up 1 to 10.
  5. Jake will raise Acceleration up 1 to 11 and bank the last point.
  6. Jake will get Pace to 16, Dribbling to 14, and Heading to 8.
  7. Jake will get Dribbling to 13 and Pace to 15 and I would like to add Mario Ivankovic to my client list.
  8. Crossing and Passing to 9, Tackling and Concentration to 8.
  9. Passing, Composure, and Vision to 8 and Work Rate to 11.
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