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  1. Update 4 - Out Now

    A better Miyaichi as well please Any chance for Hiroki Sakai from Kashiwa Reysol as well? I think Dortmund are lining up a bid for him.
  2. I've had this for a few times both on 2011 and 2012...
  3. The thing is, when you've been playing for a long time(few months)you start to get used to the messages. You can literally memorize all the possible outcomes and then you get tired of it. Still, it's a nice thing to have more media comments and player reactions and stuff like that.
  4. Update 4 - Out Now

    I don't follow French football, just German and the EPL. Lacazette seems to be doing fine though, I think he's in the game already.
  5. Update 4 - Out Now

    I think Faraoni and Ocampos will be added...
  6. Update 4 - Out Now

    Hoping for a better Cristian Tello and Isaac Cuenca in the update...
  7. I'd like to see Marco Reus accomplished in the center, where he's been playing most of the time this season. Also, I'd like to see Patrick Herrmann in the first team at the start of the game, he's been pretty much first team regular this season.
  8. Yeah noticed this on 2011 as well as 2012
  9. Hey, got another problem here. Strangely enough this also caused my problem of searching for sides as the manager of Brazil. I was looking for Maicon's regen, and so I checked out the positions of Maicon with Italy only loaded. It looked like this: I found one that looked really really similar to Maicon, but I wasn't sure as his positions looked like this: I wasn't really sure if he really was the regen of Maicon, but I still went for him as he looked pretty good. Then, one day, I had the idea of rechecking Maicon's positions with Brazil only loaded. Guess what? Is this some kind of bug or are the positions supposed to be different when loading different leagues?
  10. Cool, I hope there's a fix/update for that soon, it's really starting to annoy me. Can't search for regens
  11. Quick question

    30 seasons. That's the maximum.
  12. Yeah I know, I've heard of it. Still, it's a bit unusual?
  13. Hey, I was managing Santos in 2015, and Mano Menezes got sacked after they were knocked out in the quarter finals of Copa America. I applied and got the job(finally), and I was interested to check out who knocked them out. I was surprised it was Japan...seriously, I don't think Japan should be playing in Copa America? By the way, I think I was looking for right sided players before I was Brazil's manager, but because you can't filter by side when you're managing a national team, I think the search filter still has 'right', and I couldn't find players like Sandro or Marcelo through the filter. Any way to fix this?