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  1. Got the softest version of Brexit, no changes to the work permit system and no restrictions of European players
  2. Just over a quarter of the season in, and we sit a healthy 15th, drawn 8 games so far out of the 13, so turning potential draws into wins is a must.
  3. Took me a while to get players in, but 7 games in and I actually have a starting 11
  4. Holidaying now, should be relatively easy to get Lowestoft Town.
  5. Lowestoft Town | Vanarama National | Season Five [url=http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/400086242641428300/EB2DA8BE44CF92C65F1A05592FDAE94EAF54D186/]Table[/url] sub-par from us, the lack of quality when it comes to signing players is showing, this led to us not doing so well. Finances Cup runs were vital here. Transfers we were actually able to spend money on players. Squad a lot of these players are on non-contract terms, which in the short term will help us financially, but they will not improve at all. Tyler Cordner best player at the club by miles, won't last the 90 but I dont care, really good signing for us. Tommy Oakley one of own kids, decent potential for a Target Man, but that isn't saying much in non league football. [url=http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/400086242641429155/33EC21290CC8CC16EC372B49B4B5D5814269FC86/]Jubril Adedeji[/url] continued where he left off from last season.
  6. Those in The Championship, Brexit has kinda ruined this save for me now.
  7. Lowestoft Town | Vanarama National | Season Four Table better than last season, we are still trying to find a tactic that will work for us, but we need to start improving as we are starting to spend more money on our junior coaching. Transfers Finances Bradley Catton decent this year, but to move forward he will have to be replaced. Max Sheaf our cog in the centre of midfield, keeps us tickng and if we can get him on an actual contract then it will helps us a lot. Robbie Burton same as Sheaf Jubril Adedeji need a replacement for Reed? Found him.
  8. Lowestoft Town | Vanarama National | Season Three Final Table didn't live up to last years expectations, and fell away massively, I think having players on non contracts had a small effect on us. Finances Transfers now this screen may also be the reason we didn't perform that well, for the majority of the season we were under a takeover, and with a takeover you cannot sign any players, at all. Squad Bradley Catton key for us in defence Max Sheaf key in the middle of midfield, need some goals from him though Jake Reed best striker at the club, unfortunately wants too much money and will be leaving, if anyone is looking for a striker the Jake is your man, scores an absolute bucket load at lower levels.
  9. Lowestoft Town | Vanarama North | Season Two [url=http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/472142411528663912/FA03DB0A917CC4BB2CE9656A252021384A8BCF7D/]Final Table[/url] fantastic season for us, missing out on promotion by getting beat by Grimsby in the play-offs Squad Bradley Catton free transfer from Norwich, Physical stats are good and it showed, a rock at the back for us. Toby Stevenson another new signing, played a key part in us doing so well this season. Rossi Jarvis our most experienced player, doesn't look the best but he was key this season. Harvey Hodd same as Jarvis, a key player but with his contraxt running out he will be released. Jake Reed nothing needs to be said tbf. Transfers Finances
  10. Lowestoft Town | Vanarama North | Season One As you could probably have guessed from my previous post, we won promotion at the first time of asking, this is how the final table looked very good from our point of view, a few less draws would have been nice but Im not one to majorly complain. Here is the squad Bit overloaded but most are on none-contract terms, standout performers are: Dylan Casey summer arrival from Millwall, played very well, bombing down the flank and putting those crosses in. Stuart Wilkin another new signing, had the pace and dribbling that is too good for this league, which showed in his stats. Nathan Linton and then on the other side is Linton, again, pace, dribbling but with some crossing, very good season. Jake Reed was at the club before I arrived, finishing and pace, which is all you need, and it helped, 40 goals in a season lol Transfers Finances
  11. Currently top of the league via goal difference with 10 games to go, bar any injuries we should be able to make it home at the first time of asking.
  12. And so it begins, didn't get Needham Market, but I got the next best thing, introducing the new manager of Lowestoft Town
  13. Will be doing this, just waiting for Needham Market to turn up
  14. Well this is definitely a challenge, can't bring in anyone so the squad will have to do.
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