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  1. Because for me no make good thing so in past(cm 01/02 example)?
  2. You don't understand my mean of "With & without ball movements". Now are Summary of instructions of team and player, but in my idea are separate.
  3. Kenco: Depends from bravery of sigames If sigames introduce movements with and without ball correct all it's good, if introduce in way wrong all are bad like other things. Maybe Sigames no introducing again because no have capacity of realize?
  4. Tactis, match engine,transfer,press conferences and talking with player.
  5. I have understood one thing. Maybe are too difficult but for me one manager can edit and use movements with and without ball at least on set pieces, but for this user than post here no are possible. It's more sad. So what's the new improvements? only poor things? good very good but i don't buy this game if will go
  6. I must move alike the settings when i play opponent one particular team. what's mean this your answer?? I think than you have ideas rooted unfortunately. And this don't good for growth of FM
  7. So tell me if you would use gattuso for mc lateral like setting gattuso ... For me for all positions have need of menu change and movements without ball are good if movements defensive and attacks are edit. Without this movements are all random..
  8. I no agreement with you because for me movements without ball are indipendent from settings of squad and single player. I would talk with sigames member for know intection of this. i don't think than without ball depends from squad settings..
  9. So one real manager no use movements without ball? are sure?
  10. wonderful all leagues of game and database big?
  11. Why Sigames reject introducing of movements with and without ball?
  12. Have you try at load with this configuration?
  13. I don't search close of topic I search comments and problems for soon fixed
  14. And it's normal in the football than all match played with human are win with cheat of set pieces? It's so poor match engine of set pieces for have every same situations of goals?