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  1. Nope. Martinez has come in handy at times due to injuries and that. But Muniain hasn't played a game yet. No one has tried to buy him, despite me offering himm out for as little as €4 million
  2. Don't think I could have asked for a better start, bar the two cup defeats previously mentioned....
  3. Wasting €300,000 p/w on Martinez + Muniain who never play for me anymore. Thankfully they're contracts run out at the end of the season but I'd like to see them go now.
  4. Pretty bizarre transfers (I'm sure you had your reasons, I'm guessing you don't like wingers) but you still did very well to finish 3rd.
  5. You've sold De Marcos + Muniain already so absolutely do not sell him! Bilbao have a shortage of good CB's
  6. Bummer. Not the greatest of starts. We did win our first league game 6-1 away though.
  7. Ah, problem solved. They were in my Bilbao Athletic team when I sold them so they appear in their transfer history and not mine. So I've managed to bring in €134 million this summer. Balance is now over €500 million :-)
  8. To solve my attacking problems, I'm going to retain a couple of players to play on the wing. That should sort the problem. Just need to find a back up striker as I've only got 2 at the moment. Oh, some of the players I've sold aren't appearing in the transfer out page. It says my transfers out total €109 million but its more than that and a few players are missing. Weird. Going to save + exit and restart it again.
  9. Beginning to dismantle my squad. Loads of bids coming in and I'm getting offers I cannot refuse. Player joining Liverpool for €32.5 million. Exciting times ahead, have to start playing younger players again. Talent coming through isn't as great as many aren't getting enough first team football. Results are expected now so this transition period will be interesting! Heavily lacking attacking power - 3 players sold and I'm still trying to get rid of Muniain.
  10. Madrid have now just bid €55 million , all up front. Can't reject that. Accepted.
  11. PSG bid €46.5 million for Rodrígo José. Tempted to sell.
  12. Not sure. No real aims left to be honest. Playing now but no real motivation. May take a break and start a new save and then come back but I'll see. Might just keep pressing the continue button and see where it takes me.
  13. So season 9 is finished. Won 5 out of 6 trophies. League: CL: Squad stats: First league title since 2018, and our second CL win in a row and our 3rd in 4 years. Also won the Spanish Cup for the 4th time in a row. Unreal season. A lot of contracts to renew so the wage expenditure is going to go through the roof again. But thankfully we've a huge bank balance to cope with this.
  14. 2 consecutive CL final. Playing Barcelona. A few players suspended however. League almost wrapped up as well.
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