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  1. I want to make the same kind of tactic, and I'm managing Real Sociedad. Important attributes (imo) are creativity, technique, passing and decision for the passing. For the "move" thing, off the ball seems like a must for me, teamwork and work rate need to be good too. At least >12-13. And stamina off course. I'm in august 2012 in my save, and I have to say that players I bought weren't bought for this really. I bought players I need to make the team stronger. So I'll buy players for the tactic later .. For the tactic, here's how I set up: Uploaded with ImageShack.us I didn't touch
  2. I have a Winger (Attack) in AMR, Susaeta and in AML I have Ibai Gomez in a IF Support role. Ander Herrera in my advance playmaker in the MCL position. Benat is in the MCR position with a Box to Box role. Off course I want him to create but I want him to score too. I know he fits perfectly in that role but I can't get him to play well.
  3. I play a 4-5-1, very rigid, attacking style, short passing game. The problem is my striker, I don't know which role I should set him up. I want him to be a part of the game, but I want him to score too! Actually he scores but not that much (8 goals on 20 games) and don't take part in the build up play. ( 3 assist, and he makes only 20-25 pass per game). He's set at Complete Forward on support duty. Any help? I play with Bilbao, and my striker is Iker Muniain
  4. I came here as I have a quit hard question. How would you make your players do the pressing like Dortmund's player yesterday? All the player to the same "level" of pressing? Specific role/duties?
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