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  1. Just had the same issue myself. Playing against Liverpool in the CL and the kits were fine at the start. After half time, a few of the Liverpool players appeared in black kits.
  2. @crusadertsar I noticed that you changed from a IWB, MEZ and RPM to a WBs, CMa and CMs using Real Sociedad. What PI do you use for those positions? I've started a save myself using them and implemented your tactic. Also, even though you have 'shorter passing' set in the team instructions, the player instructions are still set to standard passing. Is that correct? I somehow managed to sign Rodri on loan from Man City and he is fantastic in the DM role. He literally never gives the ball away and keeps possession brilliantly. We are playing some very nice football indeed but the match engine is so frustrating and ruining any enjoyment at the moment. The players have numerous chances to play a through ball for example but they just turn around and pass it backwards. Plus, I'm sick of my team missing golden chances and then the cpu scores some wonder volley from 35 yards. It happens far too often but that is another matter...
  3. I bought Haaland for my Wolves team when he was 21. He's been quite underwhelming for me despite me winning the league and Champions Leauge, but to be honest, I think most of the problems are down to the match engine (although I'm sure I would be told it's my tactics...) He regularly misses so many easy chances, but then so does every other striker I've used. Practically all of his goals come from headers via corners or long throws (again, down to the match engine IMO...) He has the trait 'Likes to beat offside trap' but using him as a pressing forward he is never on the shoulder of the last defender. During a counter attack he will just drop back and allow the player with the ball to burst ahead of him instead of trying to get into a good position. I believe that strikers are broken in the game as I've loaned out both Cutrone and Raul Jiminez and they both scored 20 and 16 goals for Ajax and Roma respectively. They come back to me and both just miss chance after chance once again. Funny enough, they all manage to score a one on one when they are offside though...
  4. I'll have a little play around with the front three to see if I can get more out of them. Haaland has made a good start to the new season, but most of his goals are coming via headers from corners and free kicks again. He misses loads of chances but always seems to score the ones which are ruled out for offside...
  5. Haaland may have been a touch offside but if Chilwell had taken another touch he could have squared it. There are far too many occasions where this happens in my opinion. I get the same from Hakimi on the other side. He tends to dribble right to the byline and shoot into the side netting a lot. And both WB's are set to Cross More Often and Shoot Less. I'll give it a go with the width set to narrow and see how it goes. What role do you have your striker on? Complete Forward? A am having a lot of success but as I stated, the majority of my goals are coming from corners, free kicks, long throws and as few long shots by Fernandes. Haaland, Jiminez, Joao Felix, Sane, Trincao or whoever I play out wide have poor ratings in nearly all games and I am struggling to get them involved with the play. I want to create more chances for them which is why I am looking for suggestions. The srikers do get a few one on ones but they always hit it straight at the keeper which as I understand is to do with the match engine this year. The screenshot vs Liverpool is a more defensive, counter attacking system I use sometimes against very strong teams away from home.
  6. Didn't realise I had missed it... Edited post to include the tactic. Thanks.
  7. I have started playing after a long absence (FM2013 was the last version I played) due to a change of job meaning that whilst I'm in the office, there is not much to do, leaving me with loads of free time to play. Using my current formation has been a huge success for me so far, but I'm not entirely happy with it. As you can see, it has brought me a huge amount of success even though I have very little possession in most games: This was with my second string side out Pre-season friendly I finished 3rd, 4th, and then won the league. Also won the Champions League, Super Cup and Carabao Cup along the way. Now, my problem is that whilst the defensive side of the formation is fantastic most of the time, my striker and wide players are struggling to be involved. A lot of my goals are coming from set pieces, either from a long throw to Haaland or Bruno Fernandes delivery to one of my CB's. I'm mostly seeing Sane and Felix getting poor ratings and not really involved. I would like to see them playing more in and around Haaland, making runs into the box. Which tweaks can I make to attempt to get them playing this way? I sometimes see them making runs but my players will often just pass the ball backwards instead of playing them in, even with 'Pass into space' instruction set too. This is the formation used. I make a couple of tweaks depending on the opponent and how the match is panning out. And also, is it actually possible to stop the WB's from constantly shooting? They shoot from the most ridiculous positions when there is a perfect opportunity to play the ball across. Why would they even contemplate shooting from this type of position:
  8. His goal came from the right wing where he plays for us. I'm not going to argue against the rubbish club part though.
  9. I used Lallana and Rodriguez as my right wingers and Ramirez and A. Ayew as my left wingers. It worked out really well and I ended up winning the league in my third season. I still use it from time to time, mainly at home, when the opponents are playing narrow against me but it is not my main tactic any more. When it worked it was great but teams started adapting so I was forced to make changes for my 4th season.
  10. Not really sure tbh. I'm using the default skin with SS'14 kits and LFCMarshall's update.
  11. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Schneiderlin Your Team: Southampton Buyer: Real Madrid Player's Value: £25.5m Offer: £42m + 2m over 12 months Transfer/Wage Budget: £30m Patch: 14.3 Season: Third season January Don't really have anyone that could replace him at DLP but Ward-Prowse could fill in there. Not sure who could replace him long term either and I don't need the cash so I'm leaning towards rejecting their offer.
  12. I decided to start a new save with Southampton a few weeks ago. I liked the look of the team and how they give youth a chance while having a mainly English core. First season I finished 3rd and qualified for the CL. I was sadly drawn in a group including PSG and Bayern. Finished 3rd in that group only missing out by 1 point but went on to win the Europa along with the League Cup in my second season. Also got to the FA Cup final but lost to Man City. The cup runs came with a price and as we suffered a lot of injuries I only finished 5th in the league, missing out on the CL. Shaw and Lallana missed nearly half of the season each with bad injuries. On to the third season. I am currently sitting top of the table and playing the best football since I took over thanks to some of the excellent guides in the tactics forum. I'm focusing more on the league rather than cup runs but still in the League Cup semis and got through the Europa group stage comfortably despite mainly playing my fringe players and youngsters. Here is how my squad looks: And the table: Not much has changed since I took over. I have mainly invested in youth and picked up a few very highly rated regens, along with getting the highest quality coaches and scouting team which should see me right for the next few years. Mitrovic has finally come into his own this season. He scored 22 in 41 apps throughout season 2 but he already has 21 in 23 this season. JWP has been fantastic too despite him becoming unsettled after interest from Liverpool. I mad him the promise that we will qualify for the CL which is looking pretty good at this point. Real Madrid have got into the habit of unsettling my players too. Nkoulou is unhappy about me rejecting a bid from them and now they have made an offer of £42m for Schneiderlin. Is it worth selling him for that massive amount? He is my only DLP that I have in my squad. I have Gomis, a French regen rated 5 stars, but he is not ready for first team football yet. JWP could drop into that role and Will Hughes could come in at AP.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I made the changes you suggested and won my last three away games 4-1, 3-1, 4-1. The matches themselves have been pretty even but I took my chances while the opposition didn't. Seems a bit more solid at the back now.
  14. Same for me, thanks Llama. I used the guide in the first post and to create my tactic for Southampton. We play high pressing, fast attacking football. I regularly end up with 60%+ possession at home. I completely outplayed Chelsea and Arsenal at home, pressing the life out of them high up the pitch but I very rarely score more than 1 goal per game. This is my tactic: I've also made a mirrored version switching the wide roles around along with the CM roles. However, I am struggling with away games. I find that I am drawing too many or conceding sloppy goals, even against the bottom teams. Any suggestions on how I could improve the tactic and what I should do for away games. I also find that my striker is far too inconsistent. Mitrovic has 10 goals in 17 games which is decent but he goes missing far too often.
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