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  1. @crusadertsar I noticed that you changed from a IWB, MEZ and RPM to a WBs, CMa and CMs using Real Sociedad. What PI do you use for those positions? I've started a save myself using them and implemented your tactic. Also, even though you have 'shorter passing' set in the team instructions, the player instructions are still set to standard passing. Is that correct? I somehow managed to sign Rodri on loan from Man City and he is fantastic in the DM role. He literally never gives the ball away and keeps possession brilliantly. We are playing some very nice football indeed but the match
  2. I bought Haaland for my Wolves team when he was 21. He's been quite underwhelming for me despite me winning the league and Champions Leauge, but to be honest, I think most of the problems are down to the match engine (although I'm sure I would be told it's my tactics...) He regularly misses so many easy chances, but then so does every other striker I've used. Practically all of his goals come from headers via corners or long throws (again, down to the match engine IMO...) He has the trait 'Likes to beat offside trap' but using him as a pressing forward he is never on the shoulder of
  3. I'll have a little play around with the front three to see if I can get more out of them. Haaland has made a good start to the new season, but most of his goals are coming via headers from corners and free kicks again. He misses loads of chances but always seems to score the ones which are ruled out for offside...
  4. Haaland may have been a touch offside but if Chilwell had taken another touch he could have squared it. There are far too many occasions where this happens in my opinion. I get the same from Hakimi on the other side. He tends to dribble right to the byline and shoot into the side netting a lot. And both WB's are set to Cross More Often and Shoot Less. I'll give it a go with the width set to narrow and see how it goes. What role do you have your striker on? Complete Forward? A am having a lot of success but as I stated, the majority of my goals are coming from corners, free
  5. Didn't realise I had missed it... Edited post to include the tactic. Thanks.
  6. I have started playing after a long absence (FM2013 was the last version I played) due to a change of job meaning that whilst I'm in the office, there is not much to do, leaving me with loads of free time to play. Using my current formation has been a huge success for me so far, but I'm not entirely happy with it. As you can see, it has brought me a huge amount of success even though I have very little possession in most games: This was with my second string side out Pre-season friendly I finished 3rd, 4th, and then won the
  7. Konami have treated PC users like crap since 2013. Didn't they say it was because Jenkey managed to unlock all teams for the demo that year? Pretty much their own fault for including all of the data in the demo. If it wasn't there then it wouldn't have been unlocked
  8. PC apparently has the same gameplay as the PS4/XBone with different animations which I would have thought would affect the gameplay anyway :confused: I wouldn't trust anything that is said about the PC version until a demo is released. If it is ever released that is...
  9. PS4 and XBOne are meant to be the same. PS3 and 360 versions will be the same. PC is some sort of 'hybrid' mix between the two.
  10. Coming from people that have already played the demo, they say that the pace is far slower than how it looks in the youtube vids. I thought it looked too fast and constant end to end stuff after watching the vids but after reading some of the comments so far, they all seem pretty positive about it.
  11. Hopefully PES2015 will be better than the shambles from last year. It looks pretty decent from the vids so far but then so did the 2014 ones. I love this little finish: https://vine.co/v/OB73YI6Vttb
  12. Google Maps has gone awful since an update a few weeks ago. It keeps losing track of where I am and goes around in circles.
  13. It takes a few seconds in HDR+ mode but in normal mode it is instant.
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