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  1. Why we can't see anymore which team interesting with wanted staff person?
  2. Can you add editing "first international debut and goal" option to editor?
  3. Hi fellows, I'm managing Fenerbahce in my third season and the club have a philosophy that "High Profile Signings" It was showing "0" at board screen, and i decided to look for a high profile (i guess it is high reputation) player to solve this. Then I signed with André Schürrle (when i was offering him, on the left bar, it was saying "This player fits with your club's philosophy: High profile signing.") But in the board confidence screen it still shows "0" at high profile signings and they are disappointed about my lack of high profile transfers.. It is a bug or the game doesn't count him a player that has high profile??? This is my saved game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/miqimzu4qv4vr3i/Untitled%20Folder.fm?dl=0
  4. Sorry for posting here, but I can't find editor on steam. Do you have any idea? (I've bought pre-order version)
  5. Include Turkish transfers? Did you edit CA/PA?
  6. Which leagues start in January 2012? So, why I should load these leagues? I'm offering the shortest way, SI would think this.
  7. Yeah. But this is the long way. I want the shortest
  8. It needn't to be real tables and sortings. It could be generated. I only want to start from January 2012 in the game and with the starting squads from starting season. When you update game, we will have a chance only starting from june or july with the january transfers. So it is so unrealistic.
  9. I think SI should put an option to selectable fixture and date with this year's January patch and after for next series. For example, I want to start a new game with real tables and points with real squads on 01.01.2012. Or It could be generated tables and sortings for the leagues. Every year, we are playing with the january rosters from starting of the seasons, but in real life, these players are only play after when january transfer window open.
  10. KaanTR

    The Hitch hiker's guide to FM12

    How you missed to add Turkish league? It would be enjoyable.
  11. KaanTR

    FM 12 : Take your pick!!!

    I'd like to do Fenerbahçe team guide.
  12. Miles , is there a world map or something like that for scouting in the game ?