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  1. Hopefully Conán Ailin can make a move away, doubt the facilities at Tobermore Utd are very good
  2. Just a quick update guys: Might have to reverse the update days as I'm quite busy until Saturday. I do plan on keeping this going though so do not fret!
  3. Player Name: Conán Ailin Date of Birth: 21/04 Starting Country: Ireland Most Important To Me Is: Potential Ability
  4. I'm happy I've got Cech in goal! CYOP: Name: Dillon Cathro Position: MC Preferred Foot: R x3 attributes at 20: Consistency, Determination, Work Rate Date of birth : 21/04/1994 Formation: 4-2(MC)-3(Wingers + AMC)-1 Manager: José Mourinho
  5. Updates may have to be held back until Wednesday again. Bit busy unfortunately
  6. And it's probably going to be you forfeit all points for that update #NoMercy THE VOTES ARE IN! Lowest distance covered - 5 Most distance covered - 3 Number of winning appearances - 3 Highest transfer fee - 2 Most yellow/reds - 2 Finish closest to 4th in the updates weekly awards - 1 Agent with biggest client base - 1 Most subs - 1 Most offside - 1 Least dribbles per game - 1 People who didn't vote - 6 It was much tighter this time around but the "Slacker Award" takes it! Transfers: MRT = may rise to Tomas Borza - Transfer -> Arsenal for £500,000 (MRT £1.2m), Loan -> Inverness CT Sam Taphouse - Transfer -> Ajax for £275,000 (MRT £975,000), Loan -> Lens Richard MacIntosh - Transfer -> Man City for £950,000 (MRT £2.5m), Loan -> Gil Vicente Janis Mukans - Transfer -> Arsenal for £425,000 (MRT £1m) Danylo Skripchenko - Loan -> Denizlispor Geraint Alacarde - Transfer -> Genoa for £68,000 (MRT £110,000), Loan -> Matera Chak Tau - Transfer -> Évian TG for £9,250 (MRT £26,000) Frank Smith - Loan -> St. Johnstone Mulgogi Po-Ong - Transfer -> Twente for £79,000 (MRT £170,000) Piotr Balicki - Transfer -> Real Madrid for £86,000 (MRT £200,000) Arron Balmonsev - Transfer -> Valencia for £27,500 (MRT £80,000), Loan -> Torpedo Zhodino Luka Antunovic - Transfer -> Maribor for £135,000 (MRT £180,000) Hafþór Brekkan Björnsson - Transfer -> Atlético for Free Casper Jay Jensen - Loan -> Kayseri Erciyesspor Juan José Valderrama - Transfer -> Sivasspor for £61,000 (MRT £75,000) Leonardo da Vinci - Loan -> Wil Javier Intxausti - Transfer -> Getafe for £68,000 (MRT £70,000) Kenny van Froost - Transfer -> Partizan for £20,000 (MRT £40,000) Larry Spark - Loan -> Puntarenas FC Steven Kemp - Transfer -> Zulte Waregem for £4,600 (MRT £7,000), Loan -> Kapellen There will be nine individual player updates a day from Monday to Wednesday starting with Viktor Kotlyarov.
  7. Voting so far: larxus - Number of winning appearances dynaboyj - Most yellow/reds podunkboy - Finish closest to 4th in the updates weekly awards hendri2302 - iacovone - Agent with biggest client base toonbalmy87 - Most subs terence123470 - Most offside reddevil12587 - Joe. - Most distance covered DarkySurrounding - Highest transfer fee Tush - Lowest distance covered David Corperial - Number of winning appearances DH. - dja21 - Number of winning appearances andychar - Highest transfer fee Sheppy12 - Least dribbles per game estewu - Spurs + Eastbourne 4eva - burtur - Lowest distance covered STaphouse - Cardiovascular - Most yellow/reds Lenzar - Lowest distance covered grindline - Lowest distance covered Tautietis - Lowest distance covered JuulDK - Most distance covered Hirea - Most distance covered 6 people haven't voted. After this week you will be deducted points if you do not vote.
  8. Top 27 Player of the Update Award: First let's look at the table of the bottom 24: Pos | PT | Player Name 27. 03 Mulgogi Po-Ong 26. 09 Javier Intxausti 25. 22 Arron Balmonsev 24. 24 Frank Smith 23. 25 Hafþór Brekkan Björnsson 22. 26 Lars Nyborg 21. 33 Chak Tau 20. 36 Juan José Valderrama 19~ 38 Leonardo da Vinci 19~ 38 Piotr Balicki 17. 39 Isaac Rosenbaum 16. 40 Casper Jay Jensen 15. 41 Bruce Sheppy 14~ 43 Janis Mukans 14~ 43 Steven Kemp 12. 44 Geraint Alacarde 11. 49 Kenny van Froost 10~ 51 Danylo Skripchenko 10~ 51 Richard MacIntosh 08~ 53 Connor McGregor 08~ 53 Larry Spark 06. 57 Viktor Kotlyarov 05. 64 Tomas Borza 04. 66 Marley St. James Now let's take a look at the final three: In 3rd place we have... Luka Antunović! Third time in the top three this update, most likely due to his consistent performance in his league games, helping his starting club achieve promotion and raising his home profile. Onto 2nd and we have... Sam Taphouse! Winning this weeks Fan Award puts Mr Taphouse in second place this update. You can now definitely see how important it is to vote! and that means... the winner of our first ever Player of the Update award goes to... Kevin Post! Our first player transferred to a major club meant that his Home Reputation sky-rocketed! He also managed a few games at his starting club allowing him to sneak in some points from the Average Rating and Mediocrity Award. There are no points for this award, it's just to show how well you did this year in comparison to everyone else. Normally I'd now post an overall leaderboard for points but the above covers that VOTING FOR NEXT WEEK'S FAN AWARD IS NOW OPEN!
  9. Club Name: Norwich Stars FC Bank Balance: £5m Nation/City: England/Norwich Stadium Name: The Cuddlefish Complex Stadium Size (for every 1000 seats cost you £2.5 Million): 10,000 (£25m) Strip Colors and Design: Home: Black shirt/shorts, Yellow socks. Away: Yellow shirt/shorts, black socks. Youth Coaching (£1mil after 10 cost you £2mil): 10 (£10m) Youth Recruitment (£1mil after 10 cost you 2mil): 15 (£20m) Youth facilities (£1mil after 10 cost you £2mil): 10 (£10m) Training facilities (£1mil after 10 cost you £2mil): 10 (£10m)
  10. Top 27 Weekly Award; Highest League Average Rating Award: First let's look at the table of the bottom 24: Pos | Pnts | Rtng | Player Name 27~ 01 0.00 Mulgogi Po-Ong 27~ 01 0.00 Frank Smith 27~ 01 0.00 Javier Intxausti 24. 04 5.80 Lars Nyborg 23~ 05 6.48 Arron Balmonsev 23~ 05 6.48 Juan José Valderrama 21. 07 6.55 Piotr Balicki 20. 08 6.62 Chak Tau 19. 09 6.63 Hafþór Brekkan Björnsson 18. 10 6.65 Isaac Rosenbaum 17. 11 6.74 Casper Jay Jensen 16. 12 6.78 Richard MacIntosh 15. 13 6.85 Bruce Sheppy 14. 14 6.91 Sam Taphouse 13. 15 6.94 Luka Antunović 12. 16 6.98 Viktor Kotlyarov 11. 17 7.00 Tomas Borza 10~ 18 7.01 Steven Kemp 10~ 18 7.01 Kevin Post 08. 20 7.06 Janis Mukans 07. 21 7.16 Danylo Skripchenko 06. 22 7.17 Larry Spark 05. 23 7.21 Geraint Alacarde 04. 24 7.29 Kenny van Froost Now let's take a look at the final three: In 3rd place we have... Leonardo da Vinci! Despite injuries and only playing 5 games, da Vinci managed an impressive average rating of 7.36. He gets 25 points. Onto 2nd and we have... ya man, it's Marley St. James! The Jamaican youngster tore through the opposition with an average rating of 7.60. He then fell down the stairs and tore a few muscles... but not before collecting his 30 points! and that means... Connor McGregor takes this weeks award for Highest League Average Rating with an average rating of 7.82 in 11 games before breaking his hip. Injuries seem to be the common theme in this update... 40 points! Top 27 Weekly Award; Highest Home Reputation Award: First let's look at the table of the bottom 24: Pos | Pnts | Hrep | Player Name 27. 01 3491 Mulgogi Po-Ong 26. 02 3682 Hafþór Brekkan Björnsson 25. 03 3851 Bruce Sheppy 24. 04 3914 Steven Kemp 23. 05 4045 Janis Mukans 22. 06 4077 Leonardo da Vinci 21. 07 4084 Javier Intxausti 20. 08 4087 Connor McGregor 19~ 09 4092 Arron Balmonsev 19~ 09 4092 Geraint Alacarde 17. 11 4328 Casper Jay Jensen 16. 12 4348 Chak Tau 15. 13 4377 Danylo Skripchenko 14. 14 4495 Isaac Rosenbaum 13. 15 4516 Kenny van Froost 12. 16 4539 Larry Spark 11. 17 4541 Viktor Kotlyarov 10. 18 4551 Lars Nyborg 09. 19 4596 Richard MacIntosh 08~ 20 4639 Piotr Balicki 08~ 20 4639 Sam Taphouse 06. 22 4694 Frank Smith 05. 23 4836 Juan José Valderrama 04. 24 4982 Tomas Borza Now let's take a look at the final three: In 3rd place we have... the young Croatian Luka Antunovic with a home reputation of 5168! 25 points! Onto 2nd and we have... Marley St. James! Everybody's talking about that up and coming Jamaican star that fell down the stairs! Home reputation of 5269, 30 points! and that means... PSG's brand new talent Kevin Post is the winner of this award with a home reputation of 5444! More 4s you say? Here, take ten of them! 40 points! Top 27 Fan Award; Mediocrity Award: This weeks Fan Award is the so-called Mediocrity Award. The closer you are to the 14th best average rating, the higher on the list you go! First let's look at the table of the bottom 24: Pos | Pnts | +/-AR | Player Name 27~ 01 -6.91 Mulgogi Po-Ong 27~ 01 -6.91 Frank Smith 27~ 01 -6.91 Javier Intxausti 24. 04 -1.11 Lars Nyborg 23. 05 +0.91 Connor McGregor 22. 06 +0.69 Marley St. James 21. 07 +0.45 Leonardo da Vinci 20~ 08 -0.43 Juan José Valderrama 20~ 08 -0.43 Arron Balmonsev 18. 10 +0.38 Kenny van Froost 17. 11 -0.36 Piotr Balicki 16. 12 +0.30 Geraint Alacarde 15. 13 -0.29 Chak Tau 14. 14 -0.28 Hafþór Brekkan Björnsson 13~ 15 +0.26 Larry Spark 13~ 15 -0.26 Isaac Rosenbaum 11. 17 +0.25 Danylo Skripchenko 10. 18 -0.17 Casper Jay Jensen 09. 18 +0.15 Janis Mukans 08. 20 -0.13 Richard MacIntosh 07~ 21 +0.10 Kevin Post 07~ 21 +0.10 Steven Kemp 05. 23 +0.09 Tomas Borza 04. 24 +0.07 Viktor Kotlyarov Now let's take a look at the final three: In 3rd place we have... Bruce Sheppy with just 0.06 below the mediocre average rating of 6.91! 25 points! Onto 2nd and we have... It's the young Croatian again, Luka Antunovic! A tiny bit above mediocre (+0.03) but we'll let him off. 30 points! and that means... the most mediocre player is... Sam Taphouse! Congratulations on being the median..! 40 points! Stay tuned for this week's Player of the Update award!
  11. He continued to play after recovering from his injury. In fact he played the final game of the season, scoring a goal and securing a 9.0 rating. EDIT: Nearly done with the individual updates. Noticing my word count per player slowly decrease, sorry about that. EDIT2: Okay, finally done. I know you'd probably all love 5 or so lines of detailed commentary per player but it's taken me ~9 hours to do what I've done so far.
  12. Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far I really forgot how much time it takes to write all of these but I'm having a good time myself. I think I'll still take a little break after a certain amount just so my terrible writing doesn't become too stale.
  13. Year One - Individual Updates Usually nine players to receive updates at a time but since I'm a bit behind I'll edit in each player as I finish writing for this week. Will switch from ascending and descending alphabetical order each week. Click your players name for this years album. If there are any other images you'd like to see feel free to say Arron Balmonsev Arron Balmonsev joined Belshina during the middle of the 2014 Belarusian season and played in 9 of their remaining 18 league games. Scoring zero goals and with a pretty poor average rating of only 6.42, he failed to become a regular for the upcoming season instead joining Torpedo Zhodino on loan as a back-up player. So far in the 2015 Belarusian season Arron has played in only 1 out of 11 league games for Torpedo Zhodino but has featured regularly in their reserve side where his performance has been quite impressive. On the international side of things Arron has appeared in four U21 games and was named the U19 vice-captain at one point however he is currently not selected for either team. Currently only on a measly £30/week and with a release clause of £85,000, could we see a move for Arron in the future? Bruce Sheppy Sheppy played in 8 of Melbourne City's 27 league games during the 14/15 A-League where they finished 9th, sporting an average rating of 6.85. Named THE Hot Prospect at the club it is strange that he is yet to receive a full-time contract as he could potentially be snatched up by another club, especially affiliates Man City, however currently no-one is showing him interest. Sheppy has made some key appearances for Australia's U19s and U20s including the AFC U-19 Championship Qtr Final vs Japan where he scored in extra time to send Australia through to the semi-finals where they unfortunately lost to Kuwait. Casper Jay Jensen Casper Jay Jensen, currently our most traveled player although yet to leave his starting country. At Philly he made 7 appearances off the bench during the 2014 MLS season. He was then drafted to Orlando City during the 2015 Expansion Draft but was traded away for free to San Jose before he played any games. At San Jose he started 2 games and ended with a very good average rating of 7.45 but was traded away to New England, again for free (WTF MLS). Since joining New England he has made a single appearance. Jensen is a common face in the U20 USA side that recently came third in the FIFA U-20 World Cup having already secured 8 apps. Chak Tau Chak Tau is definitely one of our stand out players. One of only two players who has received senior international apps, currently on the joint highest wage and wanted by the likes of Dnipro and Évian TG. He has also been a semi-regular player for his starting team of South China AA in league, cup and continental matches and was even in the side that won the Canbo Senior Challenge Shield. The only downside I can see is that despite his playing time he has scored very few goals for a striker. 2 in 20(6). Connor McGregor The first thing you'll notice is that Connor managed an amazing average rating of 7.82 in the Belfast Telegraph Championship One. Then you'll notice he only made 11 appearances out of 26 games. The reason? He broke his hip and was injured for 5 months! Ouch. Connor was definitely the glue that was holding P.S.N.I together, with them losing only 2/11 games he appeared in and losing 8/15 games he did not. Unfortunately, due to this, P.S.N.I were relegated to the Championship Two. Connor has also been seen in the U19s N. Ireland side, most memorably breaking his hip on his debut. Danylo Skripchenko A good season for Skripchenko. Loaned out to Girnyk-Sport in the league below he became a valuable player with an average rating of 7.16 across 22 games and helped them become the champions of the Persha Liha. Skripchenko is also a regular face in the U21 Ukraine side, having secured 8 appearances. It is unknown what the following season will hold for him as he is currently injured for 5 more weeks. Will he be loaned out again or has he proved himself worthy of a regular spot at Vorskla? Frank Smith Surprisingly Ipswich decided to not loan out Smith this season and instead focused on training the young prospect and starting him in a few cup matches. Currently wanted on loan by Bristol City and Rotherham, Smith can look forward to a much more productive next season. Geraint Alacarde Our second player to currently have senior international apps and also wanted by Évian TG. Alacarde's story reads similar to Chak Tau's however where there is a lack of silverware comes an increase in consistent performance and an average league rating of 7.21. Unfortunately Alacarde suffered a broken foot and was out for 4 months, limiting the number of appearances he could make. Hafþór Brekkan Björnsson It doesn't seem like Björnsson will be in Iceland much longer as he is available on a free transfer and wanted by such giants as Juventus, Man City, Monaco, Atletico, Liverpool and.... Leicester? The interest however might be unwarranted as Björnsson's average league rating of 6.63 and 3 goals in 17 isn't quite the best. That said he is capped at U21s level for his home country but is yet to score for them. Isaac Rosenbaum Rosenbaum was loaned out to lower league H. Kfar-Saba after making a single appearance at his starting club of S.C. Ashdod. He served as a back-up player during his time at the club making 17 club appearances with a poor average rating of 6.61. He has also made appearances for Israel's U21 side where his performance has been, unfortunately, equally as poor. Rosenbaum is yet to be listed for loan again so he may end up staying at home this season. Janis Mukans Mukans has become a regular first team player for his starting team of Skonto. Having joined mid-season he played in 10 games of the remaining 21 despite a total of 10 weeks of injuries. Since the start of the new season he has played 11 of their 15 games despite again having injury problems and on top of that has been providing consistently good performances. He is also a regular for the U21 Latvian side. Javier Intxausti Ah the woes of being a back-up goalkeeper. Despite not playing a single competitive game this year he's had a decent spell in the youth squad with an average rating of 7.31. Also those injuries... On the plus side he's receiving major interest, most importantly from Athletic Bilbao. Juan José Valderrama Juan José is another player who has become a regular at his starting club of Llaneros although it doesn't look like he'll be sticking around for much longer with no less than seven clubs putting in bids for him. His appearances for his current club have not been the best but they have definitely helped him improve as a player. He also has the highest amount of youth caps out of our 27 players. Kenny van Froost A good year for Kenny van Froost has increased the Bosnian's profile, with clubs from no less than six countries showing interest. Despite a broken ankle keeping him out for three months he played 21 out of 30 league games for Orasje with a really good average rating of 7.29. Surprisingly however he is yet to play for the B&H U21 side, having only been capped at U19 level. Kevin Post Our first major transfer! Sold to PSG at the end of the 2014/2015 Uruguayan season for £26.5k (may rise to £55k) after appearing 13 times for his starting club of Plaza Colonia with a consistent average rating. It will be interesting to see if PSG loan him out or just play him in the reserves like Ipswich and Frank Smith. Larry Spark I have to question Limón FC's manager with this one. First of all Larry was loaned out to a club in the same division as his starter club where he played in 23 league games and performed quite well with an average rating of 7.17. He was obviously a key player in Uruguay's side (the Costa Rican club, not the country) and they finished just 3 points behind Limón FC. So why has the manager decided to loan him out again...? Lars Nyborg Yeesh, you goalkeepers have it hard. Lars Nyborg was given two starts at Lyngby and ended up with an average rating of 5.80... Obviously they didn't want anything to do with him so they shipped him off to West Brom at the end of the season. Hopefully they're more accepting of poor performances... Leonardo da Vinci Riddled by injuries da Vinci is yet to create a masterpiece. Loaned out to Wil he only made 5 appearances albeit very good ones. He is yet to be listed for loan this season so he may rest in St. Gallen's reserve squad. It will be interesting to see what happens when he has an injury free season. Luka Antunović On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Luka who had an injury free season apart from a small cold that left him out for four days. He is listed as the key player for Hr. Dragovoljac and that is certainly true. Having played 31 out of 33 league games for his starter club with an average rating of 6.94 he most certainly helped them achieve promotion to the Maxtv Prva Liga. This must be why Slovenian side Maribor have shown interest. Marley St. James Good news: Marley had a brilliant first season. 23 league appearances at his starter club of Reno and an amazing average rating of 7.60. One of only two players who have scored a goal internationally. He was even noticed by Mexican giants Cruz Azul and picked up for a small fee of £1.4k. Here comes the bad news: He is currently injured for 8-9 months. Ahhhhhhhhhhh... Mulgogi Po-Ong Injuries, injuries, injuries, injuries, injuries, injuries, injuries. Zero competitive games played. Zero interest in Korean Cuddle Fish. Busan got relegated so I even have that red mark on my achievements... Piotr Balicki SURPRISE! I didn't include it in my transfer updates because well, I wanted to keep it as a surprise. Piotr Balicki is moving to sunny Madrid for a fee of around £86,000. His season at Dolcan Zabki was pretty poor however he did play 25 games which is more than some! Another player at his favourite club, I wonder what the future holds Richard MacIntosh Another player loaned out to a team in their league... St. Mirren finished 3rd to Kilmarnock's 7th so it seems like MacIntosh got to spend time at a better club? He didn't play a huge part in where the teams finished though, gaining just 9 appearances with an average average rating of 6.78. He is however wanted by four of the five big English teams. Sam Taphouse After playing a few games at his starting club FC Oss Sam was shipped off to Portugal to play for Primeira Liga side Penafiel on loan. There he played in 17 league games with a decent average rating of 6.92. Surprisingly valued the most out of all players, Taphouse is currently wanted by one club but that club usually gets its way... It's also nice to see a clean bill of health. Steven Kemp Another player who is already a first team regular at his starter club with 31 league appearances to his name and a good average rating of 7.01. Interest is high in the young Belgian however the interest seems to be domestic only. Although interestingly enough he is yet to appear at even the U19 international level. Tomas Borza Yet to make many starts for his favoured team of Slovan Bratislava but was on the winning team that won the U19 Cup. Interest is high from many high profile teams so he may leave his boyhood club in the near future. (Also another player with a huge injury, what is going on!?!) Viktor Kotlyarov Kotlyarov was bought by Rubin for £220k (could rise to £650k) at the end of the Russian season after an impressive first season that saw him named the 14/15 Russian First Division Young Player of the Year. He is on the joint highest wage and is also the only other player to have scored an international goal.
  14. Was a bit busy yesterday but updates coming tonight after the Champions League game.
  15. Voting is over. The fan award for this weeks update will be the "Mediocrity Award". I will get to individual updates tomorrow but until then here are this updates transfers! Arron Balmonsev - Loan -> Torpedo Zhodino Casper Jay Jensen - Expansion draft -> Orlando City, Trade -> San Jose, Trade -> New England Danylo Skripchenko - Loan -> Girnyk-Sport Isaac Rosenbaum - Loan -> H. Kfar-Saba Kevin Post - Transfer -> PSG (£26.5k) Larry Spark - Loan -> Uruguay Lars Nyborg - Transfer -> West Brom (£100k) Leonardo da Vinci - Loan -> Wil Marley St. James - Transfer -> Cruz Azul (£1.4k) Richard MacIntosh - Loan -> St. Mirren Sam Taphouse - Loan -> Penafiel Viktor Kotlyarov - Transfer -> Rubin (£220k)
  16. 14th highest average rating - 13 Least headers won - 2 Average run distance per 90 mins - 2 Highest shirt number - 2 Most yellow cards - 1 The tallest player to score at least one goal - 1 Most time spent injured - 1 People who haven't voted - 4 Looks like the mediocrity award is on track for winning
  17. Voting so far: larxus - Least headers won dynaboyj - 14th highest average rating. podunkboy - 14th highest average rating. hendri2302 iacovone - 14th highest average rating. toonbalmy87 - 14th highest average rating terence123470 - Average run distance per 90 mins reddevil12587 Joe. - Most Yellow Cards DarkySurrounding - Highest shirt number Tush - 14th highest average rating David Corperial - 14th highest average rating. DH. dja21 andychar - Most time spent injured Sheppy12 - 14th highest average rating estewu - Average run distance per 90 mins Spurs + Eastbourne 4eva - Least headers won burtur - 14th highest average rating. STaphouse - 14th highest average rating Cardiovascular - 14th highest average rating. Lenzar - Highest shirt number grindline - 14th highest average rating. Tautietis - 14th highest average rating JuulDK - The Tallest Player To Score At Least One Goal. Hirea - 14th highest average rating. Some of you have made multiple suggestions, please pick one! You have until Noon GMT Sunday!
  18. Thanks guys Starting with a grand total of 13 white players... Playing a standard 5-4-1 with MCs moved up as AMCs :confused:
  19. Going to give this a go with Edinburgh University in Scotland. Wish me luck!
  20. http://i.imgur.com/l3wxQtl.png It's the same for every player, 0 fouls against in all types of matches.
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