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  1. Trilderos

    Like Lahms To The Slautern - Red Devil Revival

    Absolutely loving this save so far. Keep it up!
  2. Absolutely loving the save so far, and the competition names in Fiji are simply the best.
  3. Trilderos

    [FM19]From Pyrenees to glory..

    So for tiebreakers they just randomly select from a hat to choose who comes out on top? That's incredible.
  4. Congrats on finishing the A's, absolutely incredible job to overcome Qarabag so quickly
  5. Trilderos

    [FM19] Amsterdamned!

    Just caught up, absolutely brilliant thread! Hopefully you can kick on in the CL next season.
  6. Just read through this whole career, loving it so far. I'm really excited to see what you do next.
  7. Just read through, you've made incredible progress. Hope to see San Marino as European Champs soon!
  8. Excellent job getting promoted, I can't imagine it will be too long before that happens again.
  9. Trilderos

    The return of San Giovanni - San Marino Youth Challenge

    Yes! One of my very favorite threads! Excited to see your progress, the last one was brilliant.
  10. Assuming you do achieve your goals this year, where are you going to head off to next?
  11. What a brilliant season, especially that cup run. I love those players you brought in, once you make it to the PL there won't be any need to buy players, all of them will have already been developed by you. Good luck in Europe this season!
  12. Seems like you've achieved everything that you possibly can at Napoli, going to move on anytime soon?
  13. Trilderos

    Who Needs Mourinho? We’ve Got Crouchaldinho!

    Always love reading up on your saves, hope this one treats you just as well!