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  1. Backwards compatibilty would be a realistic and good idea tbh.
  2. TV View as default?

    can we mod an xml file to sort this somehow? SI?
  3. Club stature question

    I just won the scottish cup with hibs annnnd come 2nd in the spl and yet my club stature went from 54 to 49? wah blow?
  4. TV View as default?

    Same issue, even when before the match I have classic view selected as default. Only time it starts as classic, is when I make tactical changes before the match.
  5. Has anyone:

    Once in CM01/02 Kaka whilst at Sao Paulo got a 9 month international ban for punching the ref. Was an epic gaming moment in my household. Totally out of character though considering him now.
  6. As in, does it save that little bit of money fined?
  7. You better patch it when you sort things out otherwise you'll be making a very similar topic soon.
  8. Strikers Scoring?

    I use the strong target man system and the faster, more technical combo. *Warning player naming below* - - - - - - Stephen Fletcher has 32 goals in 35 games so far. Mahamodou Diarra has 15 in 30. And I cant remember my backup/hot prospect but he has 5 in about 14. My loaned out player Sadick adams has 8 in 17.
  9. Does the country you're in limit the regen levels? Like I'm in Scotland at the moment and will that stop me from seeing world class players come through, ever.
  10. Strange Personalities of Regens

    Especially weekends!
  11. I have this issue but too a significantly lesser extent tbh.
  12. 3rd season and I'm 2nd in the spl! 1st ko round of the europa league aswell
  13. Good feature yes or no? Yesterday whilst watching Arsenal vs Villarreal I noticed Wenger tell Bentdner to begin warming up, a few mintes later Adebayor's performance went up a notch . Apart from its obvious use do you think it wields a tactical use?
  14. "Load players from"

    Your going to kill your processor mate.