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  1. To clarify, this is the Paul Mitchell that is probably at Chesterfield in the game - not Spurs.
  2. happened to me, too. I fixed it by updating to the newest version of the real name fix.
  3. Looks like the 16.3.1 update has messed with the Brazilian club names - licensing, I guess. Names are now 3 letters, and often not the 'official' abbreviations. Is this fixed in the update or does anyone know of a file that has fixed it? Tedious searching for a player at - say - Gremio, to find that Gremio doesn't exist and has been replaced by GRE. Same with a few German clubs. Jens Keller just got named new manager of 1.FC Union Berlin for next year but they are not named that in the game. My 'real name fix' files don't seem to change it as they should Edit: Nevermind, got it
  4. I'd like to be able to search for players with future transfers set. And the resizing of the fonts along with the window would be useful.
  5. English deadline day is tomorrow Also, Rob MacKenzie (Leicester Scout) has joined Spurs and just now it seems Stuart Pearce has been sacked by Nottm Forest.
  6. Possibly due to my screen res (1366x768), the FM 2015 Editor fonts appear quite large and I would like a way of making sure all of the information appears on the same screen - instead of endless scrolling left/right or up/down to get to the various options. It doesn't automatically adjust when the window is made bigger or smaller, and I also have issues with the columns not staying auto-sized which results in quite stupid formatting. Sometimes the age is huge but the club is tiny, for example. It's just a bit frustrating. Is there either: A skin for the editor that makes it smaller? or.. A
  7. Will you be making the Jan 1st 2015 transfers so we can start new games with the updated squads? Yedlin at Spurs, Kampl at Dortmund etc etc...
  8. Yep, i know. It's a shame, though. Also it's a shame the league selection screen is so awkward - as if they didn't anticipate any extra leagues being created.
  9. Australia counts as Asia, as per FIFA. I have a problem with Sudan, but there's a conflict with another file I have that creates the Indian Super League.. which is annoying.
  10. new owners at Reading: http://www.readingchronicle.co.uk/sport/football/articles/2014/09/19/103865-confirmed-thai-consortium-complete-takeover-of-reading-fc/
  11. Can you please change Ian Broomfield at Spurs to a scout. He's definitely not a coach and I don't think he ever has been.
  12. former Liverpool midfielder Luis Garcia just joined Atletico de Kolkata in the new Indian Super League. I don't think these teams exist in FM2014. Atletico, for example, is owned by At Madrid and Sourav Ganguly (cricketer) as well as some businessmen.
  13. Good, that's how it 'should' be. At least mirroring real life. In my FM2014 game I had a regen that was Qatar/Colombia. Possible, of course, but it made me wonder about the game mechanics.
  14. Have you had any issues with regens and dual nationalities? most gulf countries are very protective over their nationality and even if a child is born there, he will not gain citizenship. Usually only the influential businessmen and talented athletes acquired from overseas in their teenage years are given the passport in recognition of their 'service' to the country or in exchange for loyalty to the country in sport.
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