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  1. 1. That makes sense, I think I started out this way due to personnel (the defender who was better on the ball had a better left foot) but I will take another look because you're right, it does seem more logical to have the DLP ahead of a CD and not a BPD. 2. It leaves it up to the players on a case by case basis. Usually the defensive minded ones regroup and the attackers counter. 3. I've tried going without an offside trap and using a stopper/cover partnership but it didn't go well. I've never tried not selecting it but leaving the defenders on defend duty, though. 4. I use pos
  2. Yeah I definitely got a lot of yellow cards for fullbacks initially, especially at right back, but not as much now as personnel changed. That's how I initially set it up but N'dombele has "prefers to play on the left of a two man midfield" and Skipp has the same but for the right, so I switched them. I used to have Florentino Luis at CMd who also preferred the left so I put him there but since he's gone (Real came in with too much money to refuse and he wanted to leave) I switched. I might switch the roles on the flanks (for separate reasons) which would naturally mean the CMd is back
  3. Haha thanks man. I read a lot of guides on this forum and the Guide to FM website. I suppose I'm partially worried because when I plugged it into the Rate my Tactic app they have it came back with a lot of issues. Yeah the idea was to have the two midfielders hold the fort because the front four are all playing very adventurously and I need the defense shielded. I initially wanted to use a BWMd but I've been warned against it here so I played a simple CMd. The DLPs is key because he has to be defensively sound and hold his position but at the same time supply creativity since the no. 1
  4. Perhaps paradoxically I'm not looking for help with a tactic but rather I want to know why it works. I've stumbled upon a tactic that has led me to go 89 (and counting) undefeated matches in the premier league with Spurs. This honestly isn't an attempt at a humble brag; I am genuinely worried that I accidently created a tactic that exploits the match engine rather than successfully designing and implementing a philosophy. Over the years I've obviously acquired better players which explains some of the success (especially as I came fifth in my first season when I made no signings) but still, I'
  5. Apologies, I recently underwent surgery and was unable to respond. Will post more questions later but for now just wanted to express my thanks to @Experienced Defender and everyone else who has helped in this thread.
  6. Apologies for the late response got tied up with work stuff. And what are your thoughts about it in defend duty when he is told to hold his position? Just generally not only in a 4-2-3-1 I mean. I player who mainly performs a defensive function but isn't holding his position, so a BWM or a BBM that's told to focus more on defending. Running and dribbling. Yes please on the examples. Also, you're suggesting I choose a role for Ndombele's partner based on Ndombele's role, but surely it should be the other way round if Ndombele is the constant? What I mean is
  7. Thank you again for responding to me. Again, non-quoted parts are ones I understood and have no follow up questions about but I did read them. Mostly attributes as his tackling and marking aren't amazing, as well as a third factor which is even if he *could* play it he would be underused as he can do other things *better* though. I understand however that I should not put too much stock in this role suitability circle and that it is not a very good marker of things. Kane for example has only a half circle for Complete Forward but can of course actually do it very well. And Ndombel
  8. Thanks again for such a detailed response, really appreciate it. I won't quote the parts of your post that I understood and have no further questions regarding, in the interest of not cluttering the thread with "got it" and "yes" etc. type responses. The examples you give for natural overlaps don't include any true winger role but I am limited for now because both my main and backup right wingers (Lucas Moura and Jack Clarke) are out and out wide players, don't really have the option of playing them as play makers/inside forwards/inverted wingers. On the left side I can potentiall
  9. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I will answer some of your points to explain why I made the choices I did. I also have some more questions if that is okay. Yes I make sure it is always either a wingback or a central midfielder, unless I misunderstood your instructions in that thread. Have there been significant changes since FM18 that make some of the points in it not as valid? Yes I was just listing the changes I made from the "default" control possession template, but I don't pay too much attention to it otherwise. How can I do that? Also, currently my
  10. Hello! I am playing with Spurs on FM 20 with a modified Control Possession 4-2-3-1. The changes I have made to the base template as you can see below are as follows: Mentality changed to Positive from Balanced Team shape is usually flexible not fluid Ensure at least three defensive duties (as per Experienced Defender's helpful thread) Overlaps on both flanks Higher tempo instead of lower Use offside trap Played around with roles In the screenshot I have one of the wingbacks on defend and both central midfielders on support but depending on personne
  11. Just a forums rules question: I have the same issue basically. Is it better to create a separate thread so as not to hijack OPs (since our tactics are obviously not identical so the solutions suggested might be different) or is that considered spam because a similar topic is already available and I should just post a screenshot of my tactic here? Thanks all in advance.
  12. Really average first season, not pleased but not devastated. Time for a rebuild. Came fourth (barely), got knocked out the CL first knockout round by RB Leipzig, lost the FA Cup quarter final to Brighton, and can't remember who knocked me out of the League Cup or when because I was trying to lose. Played a 4-2-3-1 throughout. Kane performed very well with 37 goals in 44 games, KWP and Sessegnon performed well as regular starters at full back. I should have played Winks and Lo Celso more as they both performed very well when played but I stuck with Ndombele and Dele out of stubbornness des
  13. He is 100% trying to push the tactic to flexible, in my experience. Whether that is advantageous or not, I don't know, though.
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