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  1. replace argentina and colombia with england and portugal then. belgium and romania aren't top european teams so lets not include them
  2. so you think if you played spain, argentina, holland, colombia and germany all in say a best of 5 series, only germany would have at least a winning record against you?
  3. going to be beautiful when wales finish bottom of their euro 16 group with a point picked up against scotland
  4. i like how captainplanets idea seems to be "copy germany"
  5. to be fair it's only really one of us. rest of us have been complimentary of kane. i think he's utterly fantastic.
  6. dybala and vietto aren't english though.
  7. come on mate, he's the top scorer in the premier league and he's now got an international goal. not exactly over the top to say it would difficult for a club not playing champions league football to resist a team who is.
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