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  1. Oh merci beaucoup pour votre retour... Ce est une bonne nouvelle...
  2. Oui c'est fait ma partie s'appelle AS Saint-Etienne
  3. Bonjour à tous J'ai un problème je n'arrive pas à construire un nouveau stade ni un agrandissement... L'onglet n'est jamais revenu après l'achat de mon stade la première saison...
  4. Neil Brock Sports Interactive Administrators 91 027 messages Managing: Karlsruhe Signaler ce message Posté(e) il y a 6 heures We don't feel the match engine is broken, unplayable or needs 'fixing'. We'd like to improve it and that's what we're working on. We released the Pre-Release Beta with a match engine, got feedback and made adjustments to improve certain areas, but as we've said elsewhere making changes has the potential for knock-ons. We still feel the balance and the output of the match engine (in terms of results, goals per game etc) are very close to real life. We've said there are some areas of the game we feel could improve further if we can and that's what we're working on currently.
  5. Bonsoir à tous Neil a dit qu'il y avait une version bêta du ME pour les vacances hors je ne la trouve pas...
  6. https://community.sigames.com/topic/503206-football-manager-2020-feedback-thread/page/85/?tab=comments#comment- 12183475
  7. Can’t wait for the update... I’ve been buying Football Manager since 1998 aka Coach 3 for every year and I’m so sad that I can’t play it... I hope it will be for today...
  8. I am test tweak new tactic please knap I am French i play Saint Etienne
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