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  1. I'd give him a good run in the team. IIRC he came good for me after the break but I played him in every game
  2. Hey. No, no special instructions, just long shots down to rarely but I do that for the whole team. He his by far my most consistent performer. I can cope with an injury to any player but him, if he's out its really noticeable. Have you tried playing him AML as an inside forward coming in on his right foot? I play him on the right mainly but he plays well whenever I switch him. What tactics do you use? I use fluid, with control and short passing with my deep lying playmaker (schwein mostly) as the selected playmaker. Are you playing Gomez upfront? How are your other inside forawards playing?
  3. Just coming up to Xmas in second season with Bayern. Thought I'd record how its going. Domestically successful winning the league 7 points clear of Dortmund and 8 ahead of Freiburg surprisingly in 3rd who had an immense defence but nothing going forward. If they'd have got a decent striker and maybe a good winger they'd have probably have been champions (I was almost willing them on. Almost). As it was, too many nil-nil's did for them. (they also knocked me out of the cup on pens) In Europe we were knocked out by PSG in the quarter final. We went in to the second leg in Paris 3-1 up and Muller scored in the 6th minute to put us 4-1 up on aggregate. Somehow it finished 5-2 to Paris with Zlat bagging a hatrick. Sigh. At the start of new games I always take a look at the wages of my players. Bayern's never fails to make my eyes water. With that in mind and the fact that I cant stand Ribery and Robben I started about trying to unload them (I like to shape teams with young players anyway, getting their ludicrous wages off the balance sheet is a happy bonus!) Unsurprisingly Ribery got injured almost instantly so couldnt shift him. I did manage to sell Robben (to Spurs for 30 mil,) and Luis Gustavo (to Newcastle for 10 mil) and I bought in Gotze with the money raised. That was all the business I managed to conclude in the first window. Typical starting 11 --------------------------Neuer--------------------------- Lahm (rb)-----Badstuber(cb)----Boateng(cb)------Alaba(lb) -------------------------------Martinez(am)--------------- ----------------Scweinsteiger(dlp)------------------------- Muller(if)------------------Kroos(ap)---------------Gotze(if) ---------------------------Gomez(p)----------------------- Top performers were Badstuber, Muller and Gomez Gomez scored 24 goals in 29 games before getting injured whereby Mulller picked up the mantle and ended up scoring 23 in total whilst assisting 10 from his AMR position. Badstuber was an absolute rock, cant believe the AI sell him at the start of other games. During the January transfer window I sold Dante and brought in Dragovic drom Basel for 3mil and Diskerud from Rosenberg on a free. Dragovic went in to the first team to partner Badstuber as I was unhappy with the (shall we say) randomness of Boatengs defensive efforts, Dragovic tightened things up greatly. Diskerud was a back up for the centre midfield and he did well when called upon. They also ask for a (relative) pittance in wages I decided to have a big clear out of the Bayern team and sort the wages out so I had a busy summer which I will talk about in the season 2 update hopefully to follow soon. P.S. Shaqiri has got to be the most frustrating footballer I have ever managed. I like to play possession football with short passes and lots of movement. No matter what instructions I give him Shaqiri endlessly shoots from distance. He has scored one screamer so far. disappointing. If I cant unlearn that PPM he's getting sold!
  4. the truth is...there is no spoon
  5. Hi all, I am currently at Madrid and when my first friendly internationals came up I withdrew all my top players. Since then they have never been picked for another international, competitive or friendly and their international status is always set to withdrawn from squad. Surely this is a bug. And a pretty big one at that no?
  6. TV money in Spain

    scratch that. Just received 134 million in one lump some for TV revenue. Woowah Weewah
  7. Lack of Goals

    i think i mustve scored 140 goals in all comps this season. its your tactics. change it up
  8. help

    Barcelona. done!
  9. TV money in Spain

    yes I am on about tv revenue. Ive received nothing in my first season, and neither have barca
  10. Question to SI games

    JGM has completed his season and there are differences between teams
  11. Question to SI games

    8 games in Prem left. Man Utd have 4 TV games scheduled, Arsenal have 3, so unless Arsenal receive a lump sum at the end of the season they cant catch up... EDIT: JGM got there before me lol. This is very distressing if no hot fix is to be forthcoming
  12. Question to SI games

    Ok I cant post a screenie as I dont know how to, but I just took over Man Utd and Arsenal and I am currently in mid-March. Man Utd have played 21 TV games and have received £39.5 million(ish) in TV money, Arsenal have played 16 TV games and have received £37 million(ish). Im sure I dont have to tell you the maths of that deficit. I'm very disappointed in SI. Whoever said it doesn't effect finances was either misinformed or lying! And it IS a game breaker as far as I am concerned. What a shame
  13. Hi, I'm just coming to the end of my first season as Real Madrid and have noticed that I have received no TV money all season? Is this an issue? Seems strange considering how much Madrid/Barca make from TV revenue in reality (just checked and barca have not had any TV money either)
  14. Money Grabbin ****£r

    im surprised that you didnt see it coming. No way is another team going to pay Alan Smith the ridiculous wage Newcastle have been paying, and its very unlikely that he would want to take a pay cut of 30k so he wants you to pay the deficit. Would you happily take a pay cut of 60%, I know I certainly wouldnt
  15. Tips on getting midfielders to score?

    Not really. Your attacking players seem to be doing a sterling job and your 3 midfielders are enabling them to do so by the sounds of it. why rock the boat?