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  1. Complete Forward (Attack) since I found Mandzukic wasn't doing very much as Pressing Forward and moved him out to his wide target man role at AML instead.
  2. http://imgur.com/a/0ySJX Not all are mine, but 4 damn good ones from the academy in 3 seasons is pretty good.
  3. Did you grab Sturaro from his co-own? He's been a nice dependable squad player for me
  4. I play a 3-5-2 with wingbacks at the moment, with a regista DM and 2 CMs - advanced playmaker and box to box midfielder. Toure generally plays as the BBM, and Marchisio alternates between AP and BBM depending on whether Pogba is playing or I'm giving Hojbjerg a start. This 3-5-2 seems ridiculously hard for the AI to break down, I might shake things up next season and transition to a 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3 using attacking midfielders and remould the team for that. Have too many centre backs to play only 2 at the back so might have to loan someone out, or wait until Chiellini declines.
  5. I have more money than I know what to do with Plus there is the vindictiveness of punching Man City while they're down, they also lost Aguero for 48m to Chelsea
  6. Is it bad that I didn't think my midfield was terrifying enough and bought Yaya Toure when he was listed at City for the lack of CL football? 13.5m and 205k a week, but damn it, it was worth it
  7. 13.25m and 50k/week for the year and a half remaining on the contract
  8. He got injured at the start of last season, and wasn't in good form once he came back and wasn't worth 130k a week. Plus he had a tantrum at me and I thought I'd offload him when I could get something for him
  9. Well this was a nice way to top off an invincible league season against the foe who defeated us in the semi-finals last season And this was a good way to avenge that 2nd place last season Somewhat boggling that Bonucci finished my 2nd highest scorer, but I'm not complaining
  10. A good young striker to keep an eye on is Aleksandr Mitrovic at Anderlecht. Alberto Cerri at Parma is potentially a good young Italian option, I've had him for 2 and a bit seasons and he's shaping up nicely. Pirlo replacement-wise, I initially signed Marco Veratti to play that role and he's done well. If you are willing to make a big investment and pry Hojbjerg out of Bayern's hands he might be worth a look. All-round central midfielder, buying out Marrone's co-ownership isn't a bad idea and he can even slot in at DC if need be. Ademi at Dinamo also looks pretty good, I just started managing Croatia and I've been impressed with how he played in the 2 games I've had so far.
  11. I think the stats are misleading, I had him get a 3 month hamstring injury in 1st season and he bounced back fine and played for another season before retiring, and he was still getting good ratings. Stats and star ratings aren't the be all and end all, Peluso was an incredibly reliable wing-back for me until he got a long term injury. Hell I probably would have asked Pirlo to rethink retirement if I hadn't already planned for his retirement and got a future replacement in Hojbjerg from Bayern
  12. You'll never guess who is packing a fit for being fined... And with Negredo on the transfer list, declining after coming back from injury and a big contract...
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