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  1. Having serious issues running FM16 on my 2012 Macbook Pro 15" (1440x900 native resolution, 16gb RAM, Nvidia GF650M 512mb). Fans go bananas as soon as i start a match, and the whole machine runs very hot. On recommended GFX/3D settings the game freezes instantly when i enter the match from the Team Talk dialogue, on lower settings it runs, but skips and lags so much its hard to make out whats happening. It runs on 2D, but the CPU still gets very very hot. Will include the information from a random save i´m running here, as the problems are the same, regardless of 3D-settins or database size. Please note that i run several other games on this computer with no issues whatsoever. How many leagues are you running in what sized database for your effected save? 5 leagues, large DB, around 30k players What resolution is your Mac set to via the System Preferences? Native, 1440x900 (Non retina) Are you running in Full Screen (if so, what Resolution), Windowed or Maximum Borderless Windowed Mode? Same issues with all modes What graphics quality does it recommend your system to run at? Four out of five stars What graphics quality do you set your system to (High, Medium, Low etc)? Low, Medium, High - all tried. If you lower the graphics quality does it make any difference to the fans/performance? Its the same in all 3D modes. How does 3D run in game - does it lag, skip etc or does it play without any performance issue? Lags on all 3D-modes, freezes when i enter match on anything above medium What temperature does your system run at when running matches? (You can use TGPro on a 3 day trial to see, but bear in mind this program is not made by or supported by Sports Interactive) - https://www.tunabellysoftware.com/tgpro/ CPU: 95-100 celcius GPU: 80-85 degrees (Used MiStat since i already had that installed) Can you also please send your System report to forums@sigames.com and include your forum username? Done
  2. Yeah that is correct. Here is a screenshot of the actual steam location of the option: Reason I ask is that i try to tweak FM11 to work optimally on a somewhat old computer, and launch options has been the way to go for other steam games (reducing 3d-settings, setting audio preferences, network etc pre loading the game fully).
  3. People in general react poorly to change, thats all ..
  4. I'm curious to what launch options are available for the game, and what they do. Sorry if i ask a question that's been covered in the FAQ or elsewhere, but I've been searching for 3 hours now .. Thanks in advance!