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  1. I do believe a similar situation happened with the MLS a few years ago when they had an expansion side due to come in after a season, and they implemented it in FM with the side joining the MLS in the same year they did IRL. So yes, I'd expect Macarthur South-West Sydney will be included in the game, they should join the A-League in the 2020/21 season the same way they will IRL if it's implemented correctly.
  2. Your wonderkid GK chose Germany, he's a traitor to the motherland! Really impressive stuff, still an amazing read! Even with some first-teamers on the way out I think your squad will improve year on year with the quality of youth you're producing now. The young ones you have coming through will have a higher ceiling than some of the older players you're easing out, for sure. Hopefully that'll lead to consistent appearances in Europe! Hopefully you get one or two affiliate players through soon too for some variety
  3. I'd be looking at a new DoF after that January window. Cisneros looks alright but the other two are pretty average for that much money, though I suppose you could argue that signing Bloudek weakens a rival at least. Looking really dominant now in the league, hopefully a CL QF is on the horizon!
  4. Since we're doing national team requests... wouldn't mind seeing how Australia's national team is going - squad, best players and records (like for your Israel post above) would be great! Amazing save so far, as always enjoying reading along quietly!
  5. Your poor goalkeeper must be missing his clean sheet bonus Talk about exciting football though!
  6. Ooh, Stormlight Archive talk - just finished rereading WoK and WoR myself, got Oathbringer when it came out but wanted to refresh myself on the first two books! Just rereading Edgedancer now and then it's on to the main event... @ManUtd1 - been slowly reading through this thread as well, excellent read! I've still got a long way to go, though!
  7. Meek had a heck of an international campaign in 2029/30, 17 goals in 7 games at a rating of 9.07 for New Zealand! Looks like he's becoming an excellent player as well, Europe will be circling soon... Speaking of, how is Brent Wilkinson doing since his big move?
  8. Meek looks amazing! Excellent personality as well. And you're right, all your league losses are coming when you aren't on TV; get on the blower to the NZ FA, see if you can sort out an "arrangement"... Really enjoying following this, can't wait to see you beat Real Madrid
  9. Been reading through this - what a thread! Grats on your success. If you have time, could I see a screenshot of Reynolds with the little attribute polygon included? I really like comparing the polygons . He looks immense! Keep it up!
  10. Well, looks like it's set for the next 15-odd years now 5 clean sweeps in a row is nuts, by the way. Congrats!
  11. What do your GKs look like - both from the youth setup, aren't they?
  12. Has that Djiboutian from the South Africa intake been capped for the national side yet? He looked like a real talent! I don't suppose he'd be interested in a return to his homeland
  13. Wow, Foukas looks great . A shame to lose him but 30m is great money for an Irish club! I expect an update on him when he hits his peak Really cool signing from Haiti as well, hope Durand develops nicely. Great to see you keeping a reasonable number of Irish players in the squad. Well done with the national team at the WC!
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