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  1. I ran a search for this but I couldn't find anything. I m sure someone must have had the same question just couldn't find it. If someone can answer this or point me to somewhere where it has been answered. I am starting a new game when the new post-january official database comes from SI and I am planning on adding some interesting new leagues and database updates I have found that are done by third parties. My question is whether or not I can ran more than one of them at the same time. So for example can I run a Japanese league structure and a Paraguay league structure made by different people? Can i ran updates that contain player edits together? assuming databases which contain player updates will not work together will league structure updates work? will those work with the new SI database coming out? Thanks
  2. In my experience tactics comes down to three things 1. a balance between your more defensively capable players and your more attacking minded players its no use playing david silva fabregas xavi and inesta together if there's no xabi alonso and/or bousquets behind them to cover for them and even though fabregas might be a better overall player than bousquets, the latter might play more games over the course of a season. 2. playing to your players strengths Its no use having 4 of the greatest playmakers in the world in xavi, silva, iniesta and fabregas and playing a rigid 4-4-1 like england 3. having players in every position that are different in certain aspects so you can adjust according to the game. silva might be a better player than jesus navas but some times its useful to have jesus navas who can play in the same position but offer more width if the opposition plays narrow and crowds the middle. From here you can see that building a roster comes into it a lot so you cannot look into tactics in isolation. If you are just starting in a team I would suggest to set the tactics having in mind playing to the strengths of your team with a long term (3 or 4 seasons) plan to mould the roster in a way which suits the style you want to adopt. For the three available formation slots try to stay within 3 step limit for all options within your three tactics options otherwise your team will struggle to become fluid in any of the three through the course of a season. For example dont choose a 3-4-3 fluid contain a 4-4-2 rigid attacking and a 4-1-2-2-1 very fluid control as your three tactics as they are too dissimilar to each other. I currently employ a 4-1-4-1 counter fluid 4-1-2-2-1 standard fluid and 4-1-2-2-1 control fluid at the moment with zonal marking across all three. This allows me use shouts within any match according to the situation with the team still being accomplished in familiar with the formations, unless for example I am using control mentality and i use "get ball forward" which ups the tempo which is higher than the default tempo for the control mentality eg: tempo and width in ascending order according to mentality contain-defensive-counter-standard-control-attacking-overload so my three tactical options cover the middle three mentalities. I have three or four players with at least 2.5 star ratings in every position in those three formations that are different to each other in their offensive/defensive capabilities so i can set the tactics according to the team i am playing. of course if you are real madrid you don't adapt to other teams' tactics, it's the other way around! Some examples of playing to your team's strenths: defence if you are going to play with a high line in defence it is useful to have pacey defenders all around if you are playing narrow its usefull to have good headers of the ball (jumping bravery heading etc) to deal with the crosses that are going to be coming in from the sides It is also useful to pay attention to your team's aggression attribute. for example in the premier league its tempting to fall into the trap of bringing technical nimble players but make sure you have some aggressive midfielders to keep you from being bullied in games. some in defence. avoid playing with two low aggression CBs as your defence will be too passive and not have good chemistry even though the individual players might be very good - in my experience
  3. I am in my fifth season with southampton in the premier league and two of my players have okay morale all the time even though most of the team has a lot better morale. these two (jack collison and tiote) are playing regularly and their personality is described as spirited. I am first in the table at the moment and going through a good run but their morale seems to be stuck at okay no matter what I say to them! anyone encounter this before? Am I doing something wrong?
  4. so what about pre season, how do you vary the match preparation slider?
  5. well i only changed one coach that man u poached with their dirty american dollars. what about the match preparation during the pre season? i have settled on a method where i keep it to low on the first two weeks back after holidays and then to very high until most bars get to 90% and then keep it to average until they fill up. This means i start the season with around 90%. anyone keep to to very high throughout the pre season? does this max the bars out before the start of the season? Anyone try it with even more time on low? Results?
  6. i have noticed that tactic familiarity levels drop by more than half during the off season even though they are maxed out at the end of the previous season. Should this be happening? I am at a point in my game where I only sign 1-2 players each summer to improve the squad and do not modify the tactics. shouldnt the penalty for familiarity be less in that kind of situation to benefit teams with this sort of stability in that they would be able to allocate more training time on attribute building? I would think this to be more realistic than the current situation. Unless im doing something wrong here!
  7. Wonderkid with PA 157?!

    sfg, from my understanding if you subtract CA from PA then you get a number eg PA 170 - CA 120 = 50 This allows your player (theoretically) to increase his attributes according to a weighting system for his position. for example +1 in pace for a winger is worth more of that difference than +1 pace for a CB. So if your player has this PA to reach and is in a good age and has a high professionalism attribute and you keep him happy most of the time (as in his morale) and you play him enough and you train himwell and your coaches rating and facilities ratings are good, he should reach that potential eventually. As you can see there is a lot of scope for variation.
  8. Wonderkid with PA 157?!

    I didnt know that scout reports work that way. That is definitely more realistic than how I thought it would be. Anyway don't get me wrong, I 've had a few players with around 150 CA that were amazing performers and even won the champions league like that. no arguing there. My only gripe is that I splashed the cash on this bloke expecting him to be the next bale or something. He has a really good attribute spread as well - had he had a higher PA he would have been class in 2-3 seasons. Anyway thanks for the insides into scout reports and everything.
  9. I only use fmrte to correct accidental mistakes but i stumbled upon this baffling piece of stat AFTER i splashed out 25m for a 20year old "wonderkid". This guy is right footed, does not have any amazing hidden stats and in the information tab he is described by the game as a wonderkid. He has CA 149 but a PA of only 157. My team is rated on the highest level by the game reports at the moment i.e. messi, ronaldo etc get 4.5 stars and i am in the premier league in 2015. i had a few quid to spend on a winger so it was either this supposed wonderkid that i could mold into a world beater or an already baked player with more CA but possibly less PA. so i scouted this player for 3 games with 2 different scouts (one JPA 19 JPP 20 WWY 19, one JPA 20 JPP 20 WWY 20) and they both gave me 4 star PA ratings and 3 star CA ratings. I realise that there scope for them to get it a bit wrong on a 20 year old but from my experience 4 star PAs for 20 year olds mean around 170-180 PA. Also why does the game describe him as a wonderkid? Just when I thought I was beginning to understand this game...
  10. 12.2.2 update "game start date"

    I ran a little experiment just now, starting the game with the new database jan 2012 in finland. The january transfers are correct eg pizarro to city cisse qpr di matteo chelsea - but looking at the league tables they are not according to real life. for example arsenal is in the relegation zone(!) wolves is 6th etc. This just seems counter intuitive for a january update. Can anyone else verify what Lusiano said? Thanks
  11. I'm on 12.2.2 on steam on a mac. As far as I know the update that includes the january transfer window was 12.2.0. When I try to start a new game I can choose the default database or "12.2.0 update" which is what I would expect to happen. The problem is with the game start date. When I select multiple leagues a get all sorts of start dates ranging from december 2010 to july 2011 to january 22012 in different leagues. When I chose only the english league as playable for example I only get july 2011. Is this normal? should't i be able to choose january 2012/december 2011 for the english league for example? will the english league real life transfers have taken place if I start in South Korea january 2012 (which is one of the few leagues with starting date after jan 2011)? Am i doing something wrong? My apologies if this is a known issue/non issue. I have searched the forums and have not found anything of help