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  1. 20 penalties? If there is any bug it's getting 20 penalties in a season. I also play with a very attacking tactic but I don't think I've ever even reached double figures for penalties.
  2. I've never used it, purely due to the fact that often when I take a team over some of the players have stupid contracts and end up being a hassle to get rid of. If an opposition manager can be stupid enough to give silly conctracts to undeserving players then it stands to reason that your ass man might do the same.
  3. It's done over a 5 year period I think, which means that your previous exploits with Fiorentina probably went against you when you switched to the EPL.
  4. The problem at the moment is that they massively detract from the realism. Not quite sure how but I have persevered with every press conference and am now nearly 15 years into the game, and when you are having the same questions being asked for literally the 1000th time, it gets a bit grating to say the least. Would have no problems with them scrapping it in it's current state. It really is diabolical and stands out a mile.
  5. Despite the fact that we need 4 points from our final 6 games to guarantee we win the title. Nice one Southgate. What can you really say to such lunacy? There's no point in having comments from other managers if each one seems to be selected at random and has absolutely no relation to what is actually going on in the league. Minor gripe I know, but it's annoying that every single time a manager makes a comment in the press you can dismiss it out of hand as their remarks seem to be generated randomly.
  6. I imagine he is trying to say that the potential ability for kids isn't very good. I'm having the same problem (in 2025).
  7. Sack a couple of coaches, then hire new ones. If you gave the current lot contracts that are too long then that's bad management. And issuing an ultimatum and then complaining about it is absurd behaviour.
  8. Hehe he was the same with me for ages. I threatened to quit and he eventually accepted my demands and in two years I'll have a 61000 seater stadium named after Forest's greatest manager (me of course:))
  9. It's beacause they get to negotiate separate TV deals as opposed to the EPL where all TV money is shared. It's an awful system in Spain which means that Braca and Real will always have more money to burn than any other club in their country. That's how I would explain it in game any way, but obviously with MU being the richest game in real life it should be reflected better in the game.
  10. My GK says he needs a challenge every month or so but I always manage to talk him out of it. I almost wish talking him out of it didn't work, it's a real pain and although he has been an awesome keeper (usually wins all GK awards) for us I think maybe getting someone who is actually loyal and who loves the club (he's been with us for over 8 years and still doesn't have us as one of his favourite clubs.
  11. Two forwards with an attack duty is not advisable unless you have a player in the AMC position with a support duty.
  12. Warning for the first sub 6 performance, 1 week fine for the next and 2 week fine for any further sub 6 performances. I also have a private chat telling them how **** they are. All of my players still love me though so it isn't working out too badly, and in reality I very rarely have to fine players as it isn't often that a player has two sub 6 performances over the course of a season. In fact in my last season I can't even remember warning a player. Got tantalisingly close to an invincibles season only to have Stoke of all teams screw it up in the 33rd game of the season. Stoke also ended our 3 season winning streak in the FA Cup so I am hoping to inflict some serious pain on them next season.
  13. I'd say you got shafted with that appearance fee, I'd be gutted if I went from his initial demands to the offer he accepted.
  14. When players have the "PR" icon by their name it is a quite needleslly painstaking routine to go over each icon (or click each icon) to see whether the player has reacted negatively or positively to a press conference/manager comment. This could be easily remedied by having the PR icons be colour coded depending on whether it is a positive reaction or negative. If anyone knows a mod that fulfills this simple requirement I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. Alternatively, it seems like quite an easy change to implement and would save a lot of time, so I hope SI take notice of this recommendation (which has probably been made before, but I couldn't find).
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