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  1. Here in Holland it is already 9... Take your time. Rather have a perfect one then an almost-perfect-one!
  2. O.k, but that was like ten years ago. Maybe the rules changed a bit? Does anyone know for sure...
  3. Question is the same as the title... I have a 14 year old, who, just for the fun of it, I submitted to his national team of which I am manager. So far all goes well. He joins the squad, but on match-day I can't select him for the team. Is this correct? The same happens with the Champions League. All games in the English Premier he can play, but Champions League and international games he can't... Anybody got an answer for me why this is? TIA!
  4. Joop

    The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    Hi lads, a little help please... On my previous adventures with FMRTE in 2010, 2009 and so on, I would start the game as manager of Man Utd. Then I would use FMRTE to make my manager a legend with the highest stats, and made sure the Holland manager job was open. Then, when I applied to it, they would hire me for sure, and from the start of the game I was Man Utd/Holland manager. Those were the days! However. On FM 2011 I can't seem to manage this. Does anybody else have experience trying this? Does anybody know if the rules in FM2011 have been changed, like maybe you have to be a manager for a x-number of years before even being considered for the national team, regardless of your stats and reputation?
  5. Went to Villareal on mine. In first season midway...
  6. Well, be that as it may, my strikers still manage to miss most shots whereas before the patch they definitely did not. Striker 1 pre patch 18 in 20, striker 2 pre patch 15 in 21. Striker 1 after patch 2 in 12, striker 2 after patch 4 in 13. Nothing changed in my tactics, so where does is come from?
  7. Indeed, my strikers manage to shoot most balls next to the goal when they are practically in the net already. In 11.1 there were no problems whatsoever, now all my goals come from my midfielders... This is bad.
  8. Joop

    FM 2011 - Player Sales

    Mate, you gotta be kidding. Ofcourse it's your game and you are free to play it every way you want. But editing the game in such a way that it ain't realistic anymore (cause players all 20's aren't), and then moan about the transfers not being realistic is kind of funny. Ofcourse the game isn't going to act all realistic on it. You should receive 300-400 million for those kind of players. In other words; you ain't never gonna sell them, they are PRICELESS.
  9. Honestly, now I have to try it too... How do you set it up in tactics to work?
  10. Joop

    B Team

    When in the editor I created a B-team and in the information screen of the B-team you can select in which league you want them in. Just make sure you take out another team of the league for else there would be one to many!
  11. Joop

    B Team

    I have made a club in the English Premier with a B-team in the Championship. I'm in the first season and everything is working fine. I am however, very curious, what will happen next season? Will the two teams meet each other in the Premier, when my B team wins the Championship? Anyone has experience with this?
  12. Seeing as he's totally new to the forums and is asking for his 8-year old kid, he probably doesn't even know the patches exist. My advice, go to the next link: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=192934 Here you have to choose FM2010 Retail Boxed (Patch) - PC , or if you're on Mac, choose the Mac-version. When installing this after downloading, there is a big chance the error will not occur anymore, seeing as it was a bug on the original version. If you can't get the installation to work after downloading it, try typing .exe behind the filename and it should work properly then! Good luck, and what the guy above said, 8 year old, he's a wonderkid!
  13. Afternoon to all! This week, I tried to edit my database and I duplicated a player (Wayne Rooney), instead of making a new one. I adjusted his name, position and age, and saved my file. Both of them also had their own ID. Then I started a new game, and to my surprise I saw two Wayne Rooney's, both of them striker and of the same age. I then went back to the editor to check if everything went well and I opened the file; there was the original Waye Rooney, and the duplicated one with another name, position and age. In short. In the editor everything looks oké, but in game, it doesn't seem to work... In game, I have what many managers would love... Two Wayne Rooney's. Does anybody know how to fix this or what I did wrong. Did anybody else experience this? TIA
  14. Also from me! Happy holidays and all the best for 2010!