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  1. Okay thanks. Having only just reinstalled windows I think I will just reinstall again but this time during the install process change the location of the user folder to a partition I put on the HDD for my user Data.
  2. So I have just decided to reinstall windows on my computer, I have a 128 SSD in there and a 1TB HDD as well. I Have put Steam on the HDD as I basically got it for programs and the SSD for the os and "small" programs. My question in though where will Football Manager files save. Will they go onto the SSd or will the create a user directory on the HDD. When I say FM files I mean like the save game files and themes and such. Thanks in advance!
  3. While it may seem utterly stupid the manager being sacked before the final I have seen worse. Man City win the champions league and the manager is hailed as a miracle worker basically....well yeh 1 game and that being the champions league final is sort of a miracle.
  4. How do you keep a player who has decided they have done everything? I have Varane with just 6 months on contract and he has been refusing to speak to me for the last year due to wanting to move after doing everything. He has only been with us 3.5 years!
  5. Is the button highlighted only on the "player" screen of tactics or is it anywhere on the overview screen?
  6. I did attempt to use a back 4 but could not find anyone young enough who would fit the bill, quite happy with a back 3 they perform quite well, its just the players in front.
  7. So the story behind my struggle. I found a challenge where you have a brand new club in the EPL with a lot of money and can build the team you like. You start season 1 with 800 million transfer budget(rising to 1.2 bil if you set expectations higher). So I set about building my team with youth in mind and made a squad that ins season one won the League Cup and in season 2 with the domestic treble. All going great, right? Well yes, apart from I can not match a formation to not waste my players. In season 2 I played a 3-4-1-2 with two CM's on defend. By the end of the season I began to use a 3
  8. So I am sure this has been asked before but I couldn't see anything after 2013. How do i get a training camp? I realise the board have the schedule it, but how can i influence this.
  9. As stated already its not the fee it sets out. Equally a release clause must be met in full rather than over a number of months. Atleast its consistent
  10. Yes it does mean take advantage of, so "exploit 'your' left wing" as you have a brilliant left winger out there.
  11. Like Neil said the rest has to be correct too. I will agree though that at times I have switched it to overload and then nothing, and it is a tiny bit confusing you would expect atleast one attack even if its from the other team.
  12. I agree about more with set pieces. There is no way we can try something radical like this, the most you can have on the line is two, one on either post and the keeper. Who appears to be stuck to that line. For a tall team putting multiple people on the line might work quite well.
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