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  1. Back to Business and after football success!

    whens your next update? read mine mate
  2. Bissy- A journey man.

    Transfer Centre 'Biss digs in the transfer list'! Gareth Ncaca. Free agent. CM. Asanda Sishuba. Free agent. ML/ST. Andile Sixaba. Free agent. SW/DC. Morou Zakari. Loan from FS Stars. ST. I am very happy with these signings. They have replaced the dead wood that was in the side before. Those who wouldnt let united fc comepete for the league title. The signings are quiet old but they are here for experience until the younger generation of my players have grown.
  3. Bissy- A journey man.

    Pre-Season and latest news! We didnt have alot of pre season friendlys but we had a few hard teams. The players had to step up and show why they want a place in the team many did but many didnt and those who didnt know about it. We kicked of pre season with a lost to Santos fc. we didnt play bad but we didnt play well. i had changed the team around and tatics so i think it was a key of jelling together and understading my tatics. Our second game was agaisnt Kaizer chiefs who are in RSA Premier division. i found this was a big challenge but we walked away with a well deserved draw in my eyes. Everyone was expecting a lost. Expect the unexpected. It was coming and you can see it was. Our last friendly was seen with thrashing Durban city. In this game i could see the players that made a difference.
  4. Bissy- A journey man.

    Thankyou mate
  5. Bissy- A journey man.

    United F.C South Africa Budget: 10.18k, wage: -4.23k p/w Season Expectations: Top Biss says ' i have a very low budget to spend on players, but i think i have the players to fight this battle and get the league title in our cabinet'.
  6. Bissy- A journey man.

    I have always wanted to manage in the South African league. I have a hard decision on which club will be great to start off with.
  7. Bissy- A journey man.

    A day in to the career and i have job offers flying in:
  8. Bissy- A journey man.

    Hello everyone. My names Bissy and ill be doing my first journeyman. I hope you all enjoy it, and leave feedback positive or negative, they will both help me improve. Thanks. Enjoy! The Game: These are the leagues i have uploaded. Its not alot of leagues, its just the amount my laptop will handle. The are approximatley 52000 players and around 26 leagues. Ill be starting in the English July season. Aims/Goals: Win Eurpoean cup. Manage my favourite club Chelsea. Get promoted in any league Win the Euros or World cup with an international team. Win 10 manager of the month awards. Have the best player in the world. Have a player who will win the Golden boot. Make Fergie look small .
  9. Back to Business and after football success!

    well done mate. good info but abit to many aims i think :/
  10. Celebrity star James Corden has come out and annouced he wants a managing career. James Corden stunned viewers last night as he annouced he will start a manger career and leave his comdey way behind. Corden spoke to a sky sports news reporter last night: Reporter: James this is a shock for everyone, no one saw it coming. James: I know it is for me aswell, i decided that i have done alot of comedy and it is time for something new. Reporter: Youve never managed before? James: i won coach of the year when i managed the england team talk. (laughs). No i havnt but i understand most things about it. If i take over a club the publictiy will shoot right up. Reporter: Well James, i wish you the best of luck for your career. James. Thankyou
  11. July 2010 Thanda Royal Zulu News: Thanda have been favourites to win the South African First Divison Costal league they are 4-5 favourites. Closely behind at EVENS are Bay united and African Warriors who are at 7-4 to win the title. Biss said ' i am glad we have been put favourites as i know we have to potential to win the league. We have the potentential but do we have all minds focused on it ? Thats the key!' Transfer update: Biss heads straight in and pulls out Thulane Ngcepe from SuperSport UTD for a amount of £220k. Biss in a later press conference with the subject of his first club new signing said ' I am glad Thulane has signed for us, he could make a difference this season'. We then asked Biss ' Thulane is just 20, is he more of a star for the future? Biss answerd confidently ' star for the future ? He's a star now!' Pre-season: Thanda Royal Zulu 2 - 3 Jomo Cosmos (Goals: Lucky Mzizi (2)). Thanda Royal Zulu 4 - 2 FS Stars (Goals: Ngcepe (3) Mzizi (1) Thanda Royal Zulu 1 - 2 Kaizer Chiefs (Goals: Ngcepe) Thanda Royal Zulu 0 - 0 Black Leopards Biss's words after Pre-season: ' These were very hard games for pre-season and i think the team coped very well, both the Kaizer Chiefs manager and the Black Leopards managing praised me after the game which i would like to thank. I would also like to thank the team for putting in max effort and Ngcepe for settling very well into the team which was what i hoped for, 4 goals in 4 games brilliant achievement and im sure there is more to come. Thats it from me. Lets get the season started and see what August brings'.
  12. July 6th 2010 Daniel Biss becomes new Thanda Royal Zulu Manager,Thanda Royal Zulu (T.R.Z), chairman Wendell Smith has today announced the arrival of new manager Daniel Biss to the thrown at the Hammersdale Stadium . Biss is delighted to have been offered the chance to manage here stating ‘I’m very excited to be the new manager of Thanda. I’m very pleased the Mr Smith has given me the opportunity here and hope I can repay the fans and the board with Trophies and high flying success. Short Term Aims: 1st in the first division coastal. Make a profit. Sign a 'fans favorite'. 2010-2011 Look through: Legends: None Icons: None Favored Personnel: None Media Prediction: 1st Estimated Value: 1.5 mil Expectations: : None Wage Budget: £5,250 'Updated every month completed on my save'