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  1. Baby Faced Assassin

    FM12 Big Euro Nation: Small Club to Big Club Challenge

    So, here goes my first attempt at a challenge on the forums. S.C Farense - Portugal 29th June 2012 - A New Era Manager info(My Portuguese alter ego ) Club Overview Club Information Club Facilities Start of season expectations Board expectations - Title challenge Transfer budget - £0 Wage budget - £5k p/w Current wage bill - £2,552 p/w Club stadium - According to the game the club play at the 12,000 all seater capacity stadium, Estadio de S.Luis. However, in an article I read it explains how the stadium was put up for sale in 2007 and the club moved into the 30,305 capacity Estadio Algarve, a stadium built for Euro 2004. An article on the history of the club - A very interesting read if any of you have the time
  2. Baby Faced Assassin

    [FM11] BFA's European Adventure

    On the 7th of july I was offered my first managerial post at Danish Second Division West side(3rd Tier) Holstebro Boldklub. Status:Semi-Professional Legends:Jens Risager Icons:Bo Hansen, Søren Krogh, Bo Thomsen Favoured Personnel:NONE Finances:Okay Estimated Value:55k We currently have a wage budget of £1,500 but are spending £1,823 so my aim for this season is to rebuild the squad, bring in new staff and hopefully finish in a decent position in the league.
  3. Baby Faced Assassin

    [FM11] BFA's European Adventure

    Thank you
  4. Baby Faced Assassin

    [FM11] BFA's European Adventure

    reserved for season summary links.
  5. Baby Faced Assassin

    [FM11] BFA's European Adventure

    Hello everyone, I've been reading a few threads on the forum and it has motivated me to start up my first thread on my Journey man career. For my save I will have these leagues loaded: Denmark(Top three divisions) England(Top four divisions) France(Top two divisions) Germany(Top two divisions) Italy(Top two divisions) Norway(Top two divisions) Portugal(Top two divisions) Russia(Top two divisions) Spain(Top two divisions) Sweden(Top two divisions) Switzerland(Top two divisions) Game Information Version: 11.2.1 Database edits: Real competition names Starting Reputation: Semi-Professional Footballer Manager Profile
  6. Baby Faced Assassin

    What do you do when you get angry?

    That's even worse haha. The worst I've probably done is shout at the screen demanding answers as to why my team couldn't defend a two goal lead.
  7. FM 07 was my favourite because it was first time I played FM. I can remember a save I had with West Ham, in that game that they were in the UEFA cup after getting to the FA cup final the previous season and I managed to go all the way the final before being beaten by Bayern Munich and in the following seasons I managed to build a decent team with players such as Pires, Anelka and Steve Sidwell I also enjoyed FM 08 a lot but at that time I was mainly just playing with teams like Real Madrid. I wasn't able to play FM 09 because the laptop I had then nearly died when I tried to play it.
  8. Baby Faced Assassin

    Your most prolific striker?

    Mine would be Artem Milevskyi the guy was a beast on FM10. Bought him for around 8 million for Ajax right at the start and he was the main man in my 4-2-3-1 formation for around 12 years regularly scoring 25+ goals a season.
  9. Baby Faced Assassin

    [FM11] dafuge on tour

    Just been reading through some of this brilliant read what country do you think you will move to next? or are you planning on staying in England?
  10. Baby Faced Assassin

    FM 2011 Official System/Specs Thread

    How many leagues could I run smoothly on this because I want to start a journeyman save with a few leagues running AMD Athlon X2 Dual-core QL-65 2.1GHz 4GB RAM Windows 7(64 it) thanks.
  11. Baby Faced Assassin

    Do you play, or do you wait for 11.3?

    I was going to wait but I want to start my journeyman save now so I will just update my game when the patch arrives since I heard it is save game compatible.
  12. I can never play FM without the TV being on don't know why but I hate the silence.