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  1. I'm only on like page 11 on this thread but I thought your whole thinking about goalkeepers taking freekicks was interesting. So I tried it on my save after my players kept hitting it in the wall or putting the ball in the stands time and time again. It only took a few freekicks before the goalkeeper scored his first goal!
  2. It's the same thing in full screen. Deleted both the preferences and cache folders but it's still the same thing. I also went through and looked at my CPU, graphic cards and RAM while the game was on and they were not over any limits or anything. The whole thing is so weird.
  3. The lag in the menus and the screen that comes up when you click next is something else. I have a PC that is much better then what is recommended, so that shouldn't be a problem. There is no lag in any of the games, only in the menus. The drivers is updated. Here is a gif of what I mean with the lag;
  4. It's interesting how many good players you get to sign to your teams, a lot of them are either from South America or from Eastern Europe. How is you scouting setup? Just going through what the scouts says or doing something else then that?
  5. You should make one of those articles again but with a total in depth breakdown of the whole tactical setup, that would be really interesting!
  6. Why are you playing one of the older versions of the game? Don't like the newer ones?
  7. When you sign players do you focus on determination? I'm still on page 1 on this thread and I noticed that most of the players you have signed has pretty high determination and I thought it was pretty interesting.
  8. Well, we signed him and he is the best paid player at the club. We might have the best front two in the league now.
  9. He almost tricked me! The guy actually seems to be pretty good.
  10. Our coaches really like Ketut Sugiarto and for obvious reasons. He might already be good enough to be a backup players in the first team. Other than him we got four other players that seems a little bit interesting. There is also a fifth guy that my coaches didn't really care for. But there is something interesting with his attributes, even if his potential isn't really there. I mean, the guy is almost good enough do be a fourth or fifth choice CB in our team. Why doesn't our coaches rate him? Maybe because his short or what? Anyways, this is a good youth intake.
  11. TRANSFERS - SEASON 3 We are in the third season of this save and my first real season at the club. We had a squad of 33 players so a lot of changes had to be made. A few of the older players retired and we chose to not extend some players contracts. 12 players left on a free transfer and we sold one CB. We only chose to sign two players. He's not fantastic, but he can play in a few different positions. He's also really fast and that's something that might work great in this league. We had to replace our 5 star AMC who left on a free transfer. Ricardinho has some decent attributes and will be important to our team. He's passing, off the ball and first touch puts him in the upper tiers of the players in this league. But he has some other questionable attributes!
  12. Those are some really good regens! Interesting tactics, do you have a screenshot of their average positions during a game?
  13. Interesting challenge this, gotta have to go through the thread!
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