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  1. because i can't edit my own post for some reason... Regular Gameplay: 1. When you've already qualified for something (say from group stages of Champs League) playing your reserve team, then if you get beat explaining that you played the reserves because you didn't want to risk the stars. They do it in real life (and get slated for it) but still, when you've already qualified for something and then lose the final game that doesn't matter and it comes up on your board confidence at the end of the month as being "unhappy with the loss to XXX" it's annoying.
  2. the players that have gone on loan though may not have a 'can be recalled' clause in their loan deal, meaning you can't recall them, just because you've suddenly arrived at the club...
  3. already in fm08 mate... go to the tactics screen and go to 'edit selections' bottom left, you can then save your selection as 'league cup youngstars' or whatever tickles your fancy and then select that lineup whenever you like but going to 'team selections' and choosing the appropriate one...
  4. dunno, seems like an awful quick decision making process if they have... obviously i've no idea how long it takes to compile all the various ideas from users /testers etc and implement the various changes though..
  5. Technical Gameplay: 1. Finding a team yourself to offer to the board as a feeder club. 2. Ability to scout a whole team at the press of a button i.e. a button next to 'Manager Interaction' of another club for example. Assigns your scout to watch say 10 games and look at reserves (obviously particularly useful when managing a small club, to scout the reserves of say a Premiership side for good loan signings, but also when searching for the next Pato / Robinho from some Brazilian team for example) 3. More attributes for the player's stats: "team talk style - passionate, non-committal, tends to blast players etc" 4. Ability to search / scout for a squad player or backup. i.e. specifically someone who would not mind playing 2nd fiddle to the main goalkeeper / left back (Wayne Bridge being a perfect example) 5. Removal of "XXX faces former manager" EVERY time you play his new club. 6. Surely having to pick a squad for the World Club Cup, it is in Japan afterall, can't just call up a replacement... 7. Making the Assistant's team-talk feedback page easier to navigate to after a game, perhaps put it in the Fan's reaction News item after the game? 8. More realistic movement of Managers (Arsene Wenger's never going to be Man Utd manager!?) 9. Staff / Players having "disliked clubs" and "disliked personnel" meaning they'll never go to a particular club. At present it's only the "fans" that seem to have any kind of "say so" in this: "AC Milan fans worried about potential signing". Regular Gameplay: 1. Halftime in Extra-time team talks, yes yes, THEORETICALLY they're supposed to just swap ends, but when does that EVER happen? 2. More "passionate" options for team talks: "let's get out there and really do them in this half!", "what was that? pathetic!!" etc. Technical Issues: 1. When running the game in non-fullscreen, not requiring the attributes screen to have scrollbars to see all the attributes of a player.
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