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  1. Flying at top of league, many points clear, since the update I’ve now lost 7 from 8, including 5 in a row. Anyone else having it?
  2. When I go to Home Screen and go to holiday it doesn’t progress past the day. It’s caused by awaiting media reaction screen
  3. Noticed the game won’t pass October 3rd for me, playing the game or holiday it, it won’t pass that date
  4. Same thing also, I thought it may have been a bug from transferring demo save to real game. Started new save, tested it quickly and worked ok. Started a new save again with same team as I was then this happens again at the end of the first FA cup qualifying round
  5. Hi, do the items in workshop with with demo? I have subscribed on the workshop to a few different ones but when I try and import them on the game I find nothing. I am buying the game tomorrow and wanted to try it first but can’t see these items on the import section
  6. I love this tactic - Screenshot of since I started using it...
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