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  1. Wow; just wow! wasn't expecting this
  2. 4-5-1 counter Creator Hopefully relegation can be avoided in this challenge
  3. haha XD XD So can we use the tactics submitted in that thread?
  4. most points! just because the rest of team is so good; the gk can sit back and enjoy the game
  5. Who Are Ya? [FM2011]

    Still no first team games for Fyre? Needs a transfer rather than a loan; good thing contract's running out
  6. Why don't you make the images a link; most of them are incorrect anyway; seeing as they're of the first season?
  7. Who Are Ya? [FM2011]

    Someone tell Porto that they missed signing a future superstar!
  8. 2 games; 2 clean sheets Nice going for Fyre!
  9. Who Are Ya? [FM2011]

    Porto? now that's a step in the right direction
  10. Who Are Ya? [FM2011]

    which is good; most sign-ups fizzle out after one season... whichever is easier for you nastymiller but I'm very happy with monthly
  11. noooo; gk position well; on the positive side; lots of playing time.
  12. Who Are Ya? [FM2011]

    Fyre's best season; yet no first team opportunities!