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  1. I would like the option to "sit down" with a player if I get a transfer offer for him and hash out what our response is going to be. Like, lets say, I get an offer from a bigger club that I feel is exceptable and if the player wants to leave, I would reather he leave then stay and get mad at me, but if he is fine with staying I can turn down the offer without worrying about him getting mad. Or maybe he demands a better contract instread of leaving which I can then accept or dicline, maybe tell him I can't meet such demands and if that is what he wants he would be better off leaving, or something. Another instance would be if I get an offer for a solid backup player, I could tell him about the offer, tell him what his role would be with me, that he would not get many first team games execpt in case of injury or suspension and ask if he is okay with that or if he would reather take his changes with a new club. There is a great deal of potential in these types of conversations and it allows for alot greater interaction with the players. Even if do not sit down with the player before accepting or rejecting an offer I would also like to be able to sit down with the player after I make my decision and explain it to him. Maybe the offer was just to good to turn down, or just not high enough so that I could replace him with a player of simular abilities, I view him as indispensable to the club and the future we're building, I just don't see a future for him at the club and so forth. Hope you like this idea.
  2. Consistency Attribute

    The only way I know is just giving him match time
  3. Well I have a BUNCH of potentially world class youngsters (always sign one potentially world class for every postition in the youth team, and then just sell them for a profit if they are not developing as I had hoped), and although I have fine tutors there are some issues with them that the perfectionist within me can´t handle. Was thinking about getting Raul for this purpuse as he has unbelievable mental traits and 20 in determination, so an ideal tutor in my book. Do you think he will complain about lack of playing time if I sign him as a backup player to begin with? As for the money, that´s no issue, got the richest suger daddy of them all
  4. Hey, I was just wondering if it´s a good idea to sign an old player, which has no hope what so ever to make it into the first team, just because he has a great personality and high determination so that he can pass that along to the youngester in the team. Or would that maybe not even work as he´s not playing and the youngsters are more likely to get playtime them him? Anybody experimented with this and did it work?
  5. This was an issue in FM11 and before the patch on FM12 but I haven´t been noticing it as much after patch 12.1. Thought it was no longer an issue, but maybe that´s just me. If it´s still around then I guess it´s up to you to use it or not. I have personally set my corners on mixed so as not to take advantage of this in the past.
  6. I agree with Marsupians view on the matter in one and although if I am building a new tactic I tend to watch 2 or 3 matches in 2D to get a clear view of the position of my players before changing back to 3D to get more details. I could get the positional view in 3D but there are so many things to check out there that one tends to get distracted.
  7. future english striker

    Daniel Sturridge is the first to pop into mind. If you are looking for someone younger I wouldn't really know. Don't see many talented English youngsters in my game, mostly German and Spanish.
  8. this isn't off-side ?

    You can't be offside on behind the halfwayline
  9. Tactics help

    The way I do it is that I set up my tactic, which is set up the way I like my team to play, but then tweeked to suit my team better. Always be aware of not loosing the balance in the team. After I have gotten this tactic to play as I like, I set up a backup tactic which is fundamentaly different altough keeping my style of play. The reason I do this is that I have found that every tactic has a weakness and if it seems that the opposition is completely canceling out my tactic and/or exploiting my tatics weakness, then I change to my backup. That means that both tactics are familiar to the team, as you can train up to 3 tactics in the match prep. I always start out the same in every game, no matter the oppistion or weather, unless I know the opposition is using a tactic that cancels out mine. I start out with a balanced strategy, not too attacking, not too defending. Then I make changes, if neccisery, according too how the match is playing out, try to get better movement up front or try to be more solid at the back, making the team calmer on the ball and take their time, blast the ball upfield in a hurry to get a goal while the opposition is in an all out attack, try to exploit empty spaces in the oppositions defence line and so forth and so forth. I rearly do anything drastic though as I have found that then your team is not familiar with the type of style you are telling them to play, which can do just as much harm as good. Note that I am playing a big team and that is the main reason for me to be able to start every match the same, as I expext a win, or at least get a draw, in every single match. If I were a smaller team I would set up a third tactic which would be designed to park the bus and keep a clean sheet, and use that against the big teams. If your Ass Man is constantly telling you that the team is not getting enough shots on target then you are having a hard time getting through the oppostions defence and need to sacrifice a little possession to make for a little more attacking play. Possession style football is mainly defencive. If you always have the ball the opposition isn't attacking, but basicly neather are you. If you are more focused on keeping the ball then anything else you are not taking any changes upfront and therefor will not create many chances. There is only one team in the world that can play this kind of possession football and still create chances upfront. Barcelona. And that is mostly do to insane amount of vision and passing skill in both the front line and the midfield. I think it is safe to say that no other team in the world will ever be able to replicate what they are doing now. I like to play a short passing possession football as well, but I would rether have about 50-60% possession and 5-10 decent chances infront of the goal then 70-80% possesion and 1 or 2 decent chances. That is why I set my team up to play mixed passing game, as I have found that they usually just play short passes but are not forbidden to take riskier passes if the opportunity arises, as they would be with a short passing setting. If you are still set on the short passing game then you need to create alot of movement upfront. Players moving out of positions and pulling defenders with them, while others run into that created space to resive the ball and so on. This can lead to beautiful and very succesful football but is in my opinion the hardest kind of football to create. Just my two cents.
  10. I had the same problem, hit an increadable slump right after the patch, gave it about 2 months till I gave up on my tactic and tried a new one and that was even worse. After trying the new tactic for about 3-4 months I gave up on that, went back to my original tactic, which in all honesty fit my team alot better, as I had built my team around it. However, I did some minimal tinkering with it to try and create a better movement upfront, and after about a month or so I started seeing results like I had before the patch. In hindsight this was propably due to the fact that dispite the slump I had managed to win the league so teams were playing more defensively against me, most even going for a parked bus, with 8-10 players behind the ball and relying on fast counter attacks to get results against me, which worked way to often. I am now on the oppinion that giving up on my tactic was a mistake, I should have just stuck with it and this slump would propably not have lasted as long. You might need to change your way of play a little in order to responed to teams playing differently against you but DON'T do anything drastic. Just analyze your games and try to find what the problem is. Is it that the opposition has parked the bus and you are not getting through them? Is it that they are pressing you more and therefor not giving your players enough time to do their thing? Standing of but packing the space in the back so heavily that there is no room for your players to opperate in? Maybe it's even something as simple as the moral dropping because of lack of form, which requires you to take up a different motivational tactic for a while untill your team is confident in their style of play again. Like I said, first find what the problem is, then try to find a way to counter that problem, which probably will take some experimentation, just be careful not to do too many experiments in the same game, as then you woun't know what is helping your team and what isn't. And perhaps most importantly, give your team time and before you know it they will be back on track. This is atleast my advise, after dealing with exectly the same problem that you are now dealing with.
  11. Another thought, that accured to me after reading the OP was that you are playing a back up team in a match that, although might be considered rather easy, is also a high pressure game as you stand to gain the first place from this game. Maybe there are players in your line up that are simply not up for the pressure of this game. Just a thought.
  12. 3 amc advice

    I am playing this particular formation. I have set them up as IF attack on the left (Sergio Aguero, Guiseppi Rossi), AP attack in the middle (Ganso, David Silva, Christian Eriksen. Needed an aditional player here as Ganso is always injured), and AM attack on the right (Samir Nasri, Marek Hamsik, Christian Eriksen), behind a DLF (Carlos Tevez, Edin Dzeko, Regen player). Have found that it works very well for my team. This is however not how I initially set it up, and this settings are propably more do the the players at my desposal then anything else. Like Steve Odom said, just mess around untill you find something that works for your team.
  13. Ass Man Help Please

    I don't think there is anything wrong there, the Ass Man just pickes what he considers to be the best players for each role. If you feel that Forsell is the second best option for DLF, not Quintero then you just happen to disagree with your Ass Man on this particular issue. (I often disagree with my Ass Man's selection, but then again, that's not what I use him for). If you disagree then you should just swap. I would look at their stats however, as Quintero is a better player it would not suprise me that he is a better DLF then the Forsell dispite the fact that it is not his preferd role.
  14. It's the first option, relative to that team. I agree with you that I would like it to be relative to your team but if you have a scout report on at least one player in the opposite team you can just do some math to figure out how they are relative to your team.
  15. Changing to fluid or even balanced away from home might be worth a shot, as marsupian said, it will push your forward line up a bit. If that is not working or is not to your liking I have found that my team often plays better attacking football with standard or even counter strategy (I usually play very fluid like you). It usually (not always mind you) means I see more of the ball and my shots usually don't drop, reather increase, as the players are calmer on the ball and wait for their chance rather then just blasting the ball away in hopes of glory. However, since you have ticked width, tempo and time wasting, the strategy option doesn't really change that much for you so might not have as much effect on your team as it does on mine, but I would still say it is worth a go, espesially if you haven't ticked the mentality of individual players. I have found that the less you change with ticking options the more you can change how you are playing during a match and therefor can react more to what is actually going on on the pitch in each match, unless you are actually willing to change all the options you have ticked manually to try and counter something that is going wrong in the match. Just my two cents.