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  1. Hello, Is there a feasibility to update the oldest versions of the game so they can be played on current iOS? I’ve loved every iteration, going back 10 years would be wicked. Would happily repurchase! Cheers
  2. Enjoying the ability to demote a player, just a small thing but can the default be to ‘demote for next game’ even if it’s just after I’ve selected it once? I might be odd, but once my team is settled i find I’m more likely to use that option frequently for squad players Current default is perm; so have to change it every week. cheers
  3. Hi, Loving the new depth that the reserve team have in the latest game, to enhance id love to see: Minimum The reserve formation and style mirrors the first team and the assistant selects their best team for that formation based on the players you’ve provided the squad. within this idea I’d accept that you can’t have the benefits of playing the game and making subs etc, just let the players develop but as they do now, but within your preferred formation so they are better prepared for the step up Getting spicy Ability to play the reserve fixtures and make subs Proper naughty As above with reserve league and records etc
  4. Hi Marc Have you got an option to control the reserves on the list? Would love this. If not, could we at least make the reserves formation and style mimic the first team? IE stripping out the benefits of ‘playing the match’, but the assistant places his best options available in the formation he’s given? Great way to nurture your crop! Cheers
  5. Another triumph, I love how this game has evolved over the last 10 years. The progress isn’t unlike the move from amiga to PC! I grew out of the original game as got a job and found I only needed a PC for football manager, and by the time I was interested again the PC game had advanced too much for me. The price still staggers me, £8.99 for a full game with a 30 year career. Can you imagine how quickly you might pay £8.99 if you had to buy gems or coins to progress! I think it’s phenomenal and brilliant bit of work. You should all be proud. The new way to interact with the reserves is a brilliant innovation, I’m really enjoying it - I do have 1 question tho! My assistant uses his preferred formation to play the reserves in... and I can’t manipulate it to match the first team, my preference being it does so that their performance stats reflect a similar position to where I might play them. Ive tried to find an assistant that shares my obscure 1 off 3-2-2-3 😆 Any help appreciated. If I find any bugs I’ll submit to the other forum. Currently 7th with 7 games left!
  6. I’ve got another. would love a playback option in game play, go back to Re-read commentary or watch the game slowly as you drag your finger boom
  7. Watching this earlier and felt it was very football managery to me, but not. Then I thought there might be a place for this kind of post game review, as an option...
  8. First off, love this latest version of the game - phenomenal what you’ve done on a mobile app 😍 my wish list in no particular order 1. Pre season control Arrange your own friendly or preseason mini tournie 2. Alternate International call up Change a players nation if they are uncapped by their birth nation but have played in alternative league for 5 years. (So many Brazilian Scotsman desperate to change allegiance in my game 😆) 3. State interest in next management role The ability to pick 2 or 3 roles you would aspire for (domestic or int), get warning when those jobs become available or generally create press buzz 4. More active leagues The game favours the active leagues so much it would be good to have more active to the player quality is shared evenly (and give more options to move abroad) 5. Stadium imagery Bit of an old school request but I’d love to see a screen that shows my stadium grow as I expand it and it becomes world class. I think they used to do this on Premier Manager on the Amiga!! 6. More control of reserves I use my reserves to blood youth, would be great to take control of games as wanted and change the formation etc 7. Compare yourself Be able to look back at your teams league performance vs previous seasons
  9. Ah perfect! Thanks dude I appreciate it - also I’ll appear well knowledgable now when World Cup 2022 chat comes my way ☺️
  10. I’m pretty sure that I had 2 legs last season but in the Euro cup this year it’s definitely progressed from 1st to 2nd round with just 1 leg. Could be related to the winter World Cup?? Thought id share anyway for info cheers for the game lads!
  11. I’ve had random corner takers too despite 4 selected takers being on the pitch the striker bumbles over and spoons in the ball 🤦🏻‍♂️😆
  12. That doesn’t just help, it’s entirely scratched my itch! Cheers Sebastian 🤗
  13. Currently assigned to my right back and centre half, I can’t work out what they are telling me... any ideas?
  14. Sorted it! won a 2nd FA cup and champions league, got snapped up by a billionaire 🤗
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