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  1. There's an issue with the post-split fixtures - pre-split fixtures end on 6/4/19, in real life the post-split fixtures start the next weekend but in the game they aren't starting until the 4/5/19 and finish too late (26/5/19). Will beat Hearts in the Scottish Cup semi and find out when the final is due...
  2. Welcome to my first save on this forum! As I wait on FM18 coming out, I thought it'd be fun to try something a little different. Queens Park are famous. They are the only amateur club in the Scottish Professional Football League... and I thought I would honour that by bringing some incredibly amateurish management skills to Hampden Park. A little background on the Spiders: They own and play at the third biggest stadium in Scotland: Hampden Park. They lease Hampden to the SPFL and SFA for Scotland games, cup semis and finals etc, but its Queens that own it. In the early days of organised football, Queens Park were dominant. They have won 10 Scottish Cups (third all-time behind Rangers and Celtic), and all the early Scottish international teams consisted of 10 or 11 Queens Park players, mostly because Queens Park were the driving force that founded the SFA. When all other clubs turned professional, Queens Park chose to remain an amateur club, stressing their amateur principles. Anyone who's been to the Scottish football museum at Hampden will know the importance Queens Park had in organising British football. So I'm taking over one of the most unique and storied clubs in football. The aim of the save? To go as far as I can with them... before FM18 lands. I'm hoping to do well in League 1, challenge for promotion to the Championship and do well in a few cups here and there. I'm not sure how FM will cope with the club being amateur, and I hope they don't try and turn the Spiders professional. Hopefully I can also sprinkle in a few tales of the Scottish lower leagues during my updates too; they are simultaneously the most bizarre and the most entertaining leagues in the world (yes, I'm looking at you, Albion Rovers twitter account). Do not be under any illusions that we will have much success - I anticipate that any decent players we get will be poached very quickly So, what am I dealing with? We have a decent squad for this level, but concerningly three of our four best players are loanees. Dario Zanatta is very good for this level. Our squad is also very, very young. I'll be looking to play a very basic 4-2-3-1. At the moment I'm going with two inside forwards and full backs overlapping. Should this fail then I will resort to a more direct style. So let's go! As the club motto states, Ludere Causa Ludendi - to play for the sake of playing!
  3. You picked a helluva time to start a Scotland save... Goes without saying that you'll need to find some decent centre-backs from somewhere. Hopefully Souttar or McCrorie develop for you.
  4. Amazing save! I'm from the far North of Scotland, to see someone having such great success with Shetland is incredible. And in the Scottish lower leagues no less, which are by far and away the best leagues for patter in the world Worth mentioning a wee bit about the proud history of Shetland: It's nearest train station is Bergen, in Norway! It's where Fair Isle fashion comes from! They have Up Helly Aa every year, which is a festival of fire where they burn a Viking longship! Basically what I'm saying is, MON TAE F*** SHETLAND
  5. Enjoying this save Wick is also my hometown and I often go to watch Academy. Would be cool to see someone take them to the SPFL. 'Big Gaz Weir' as you have christened him on here does actually have a nickname, he's known to pretty much everyone throughout the whole of Caithness as 'Chuckie'. Don't ask why as I can't remember the story behind it.
  6. Should also say, my ultimate aim for this save will be to take the most successful club in history to European dominance. I am, of course, talking about the famous Glasgow Rangers
  7. JOMO COSMOS - 2013/14 MID SEASON UPDATE Never bothered putting in a pre-season one as quite frankly, we were awful. I got the feeling this game was cursed, we were awful in the friendlies and on the opening day lost 5-3 at home. However, that was with a 3-5-2, and after that I reverted to a traditional 4-4-2. The effect has been profound. Since that game, we're unbeaten at home, dropping only 2 points, and our away record is almost as good. Our fixtures then, read like this: The most frustrating thing about it? Despite what has clearly been an excellent run of form, we're STILL not top of the league! Black Leopards are one point ahead of me. If that kind of form isn't championship winning, I'll eat my own head. We even beat them at their own ground. Star performers so far this season: Isaac Mabotsa: Signed on a free in the summer to desperately try and provide some quality in my central defence, he has been a revelation. Average rating of 7.20, and ever present in the league campaign so far this season despite being a tender 33 years of age. Hopefully won't have to be replaced next season as he doesn't seem to have declined too badly. Menzi Diamini: Handed in a transfer request on deadline day, and I thought for sure he would leave as he has the potential to play in the top tier. However, a few weeks later, he withdrew the request and I am thankful for it. Our star right winger, he has six assists and two goals to his name this season which justify his 7.41 average rating. Madoda Motha: For a striker whos finishing attribute is 10, 13 goals from 14 games isnt a bad return eh? He's formidable right now, and despite being a mere 5'7, is a big presence in the box. Average rating of 7.78 With that in mind, in the second half of the season, we must push for the top spot. All that's left to say is... MON THE EZENKOSI
  8. Have just launched this, went for South Africa first as Africa always seems the easiest place to start. I've just been given the opportunity to manage Jomo Cosmos!
  9. I've been busy Just completed 7IAR in the SPL now, with Lee Wallace at the grand old age of 34 still my club captain (although not a regular first pick). Also manager of Scotland in the 2022 WC, got us through a group stage of Ivory Coast, Spain and Jordan, beat Wales in Second round then beaten 2-1 by Brazil in the Quarters. Six of the boys in my first team have come through Murray Park as youth candidates, the two centre backs, my playmaker, my attacking mid, left winger and lone striker. Pretty much the spine of the team came through MP. I'm hoping to have that increased to 11 by the time I win 10IAR. Have Lee Wallace signed up to that season so we'll see
  10. Love this. Going to take my local team John O' Groats FC into the dizzy heights of European glory... at least, that's the plan anyway. Unbelievably hard to manage an amateur team in this game though, games seem to be determined on the flip of a coin.
  11. I'm into my fifth or six season now, won back-to-back SPL titles with a squad the average age of 21. Done a 'Helicopter Sunday' in my second season in the SPL Also in the CL I reached the quarter finals, having dumped Bayern Munich in the last 16 I genuinely thought I had a chance to at least make the final. I got a decent draw in Leverkusen. However, they drew 2-2 at Ibrox and we lost 2-1 in Leverkusen. My team is virtually unrecognisable: Butland Rudolph ® Hamill ® Faure Wallace Mathiesen ® Carswell Miki ® Reiman ® Sinclair ® Cano ® ® = Regen. Two of those regens came out of Murray Park in Hamill (Rated 5 star PA) and Sinclair (Top scorer in the CL that season). Half thinking about dropping out in third this season so I can do what Walter didn't and lift the UEFA Cup.
  12. Got a batch of regens through, think this guy should be playing for the Tims though given his name
  13. Started a career in the Belgian Jupiler League, simply cos the format looks crazy. Went with OH Leuven, predicted bottom, operating on a fifth of the budget of everyone else. After some simply amazing results (3-0 away to Anderlecht being a highlight) we secured 10th place and a shot at the qualification groups for the Europa League. Got to the semis and knocked out by Standard Liege So I left, couldn't take them any further than that. St Mirren offered me a job, and I'm in Paisley now. 1k p/w over my budget, so flogged a few players. Played the champions Rangers at home in my first game... beat them 3-2! Aiming for avoid relegation, but I'm hopeful for a good mid-table place. Top half of the split would be amazing.
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