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  1. I have a very similar problem. I'm making some new rules for my version of the Dutch pyramid. Nothing to difficult. However when testing the second tier competition it gives me this error: This is very weird, because it is a league with 18 teams and I have it set to 34 dates (and not 13 or 30!): So when I set it to 30 (as per the error-message), I get the error that it should be equal to 34 (as I had before and it should be): Can someone explain what is going on here?
  2. Very interesting read I just stumbled on here, I've been playing a 4123 for about a season now with my (top)team now. I think dropping the MCc to a DMC has several benefits: 1) It frees the Full backs to go forward and create some extra width, by hugging touchlines 2) It creates a good outlet for DC's in build up play 3) I find it to be a little more stable than the flat 3 in defensive play If you find your MCc's to be to narrow, try having them on Move In To Channels. The DM, is a simple player, sweeping behind the midfielders and laying off short passes to fullbacks and MC's. I have the flat front 3 in the following way; causing mayhem; The STC-L/R's as the 'highest' players, pushing the defenders as far back as possible The SRC-c as the link up player, dropping deep, and laying on through balls to the wider forwards, or changing play. Of course, in line with this thread, I play very wide, with cut inside on the front wide players. Oh, one more (important) thing; I think it is very important to Man Mark the opponent FB's with your wide strikers.
  3. Great post, and the examples at the end are very intuitive. I do think however that the BWM is something reserved for the higher Reputation teams, with a lot of creative players around him. In my defensive oriented tactic I so far have failed to find a good setup with a BWM involved. He is either to aggressive and disrupts the team shape, leaving gaps behind him, or he is to limited and offers nothing offensively. What is your opinion on this?
  4. Good luck! I'm interested in your usual very informative pictures and schedules!
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