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  1. thankyou verymuch :x what you do if your team is suffered more conner ?
  2. Sorry Cleon, i have read your thread, but i understand how you analysis match i'm 4231 (2 dm with ml, mc, mr )and liverpool 442 I cant keep possession , following are the circumstances that led to goals can you tell me how to fix it [video=youtube;alghGtSNKfA]
  3. Cleon About Daniel Sturridge' case His Attribute is 12 creative 13 flair team work 7 With your team setting more creative >>> his setting with default setting , creative freedom is higher his ability Do you think this make him play more selfish and not effect? Sorry my English is very bad
  4. cleon could you post your save game i want to see setting of other position thanks
  5. test with west brom and .. poor result i think 11.2 winger is better
  6. knap, can you reupload 442 and 4231 to mediafire or firefont , plz
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