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  1. I am a Newcastle fan so managing Sunderland is always out the question, I don't mind Middlesbrough though infact I managed them for a bit on FM14 and enjoyed it. Teams with blue home kits I like too, Ipswich being one I had a fantastic save with them last year.
  2. Hi, my laptop seems to be on the last stages of its life, would http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/acer-aspire-xc-705-desktop-pc-10138417-pdt.html be good for running FM providing I got a good graphics card with it as there seems to be no mention of a graphics card on its page? And on the topic of graphics cards which graphics card for less than £100 would be good for FM as I am not very clued up on them, thanks!
  3. February 2017 with Fulham, won the playoffs in my first season and i'm currently 17th in the Premier League with 21 points from 25 games, not the greatest season really but as long as we survive i'm happy. Rodgers was appointed Sunderland manager, got relegated, left Sunderland for Reading who sacked Steve Clarke after a terrible start to their season back in the PL and looks like relegating them. Klopp left Liverpool for City after one season. Sven Goran Eriksson replaced Mark Hughes at Stoke and got them relegated, Pochettino is at Sunderland. FM is a crazy world. Not really paid too much attention to transfers, Harry Kane joining City for 37m is the standout one.
  4. Bolton are a yo-yo team between the Premier League and Championship on my Forest save and are in the conference on my Spurs save, bizarre what happens to them on each save though. On my Spurs save Burnley and Sunderland had spells in League One but managed to recover, Burnley challenging for promotion back to the Premier League and Sunderland in mid table. Villa could be heading down to League One though as they're currently 23rd in Championship.
  5. This year I lost 7-1 at home to Arsenal and 5-0 to Spurs in successive games as Palace although the definite worst is probably losing 6-1 to a newly promoted Ipswich Town with Southampton, just matches before I had beaten Liverpool the same scoreline. All time it is probably on FM13, when I lost 10-0 to Aston Villa as Nottm Forest. Having to sit through it was horrible.
  6. I can't decide whether it is a strength or a weakness, but I am good at signing players for the cheap and selling them on for big money, but at the same time I always sell when I don't need to sell players because they offer a lot of money lol.
  7. On FM14 I was sacked after 8 games with Roma, on my first FM15 save I was sacked after 12 league games with Newcastle, can't blame them for sacking me as I had 6 points from those games lol.
  8. Is it just my FM or can you not see player's attributes? Looking at Cabella's attributes and there is nothing there. Edit: Never mind, found them under a different page in the over-view tab, too used to FM14
  9. Managed to get Willian on a free transfer for my Norwich side in the 18/19 season. Was surprised because he was a first teamer for Chelsea before he left them.
  10. It looks like there has been a lot of thought put in the idea but it just wouldn't work for FM at all.
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo went back to Portugal with Maritimo after being released by Madrid on my Forest save.
  12. ooh this one sounds interesting with Leeds and Zaragoza involved. Any chance you could upload?
  13. In game i'd take qualification to the CL over the FA Cup but irl I would take the FA Cup over qualification for the Champions League. It would be ridiculous for the FA to charge Lambert though.
  14. GK: Tim Krul DR: Nathaniel Clyne DL: Jonathan Silva DC: Eder Alvarez Balanta MR: Lionel Morgan ML: Wellington Nem MC: Will Hughes ST: Mattia Destro (God last year) As you can tell all of them bar Morgan are from FM12 and after that, I played CM03/04 then didn't play CM/FM a lot till 2010.
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