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  1. More focus on youth tournaments eg U17 WC Training camps, team bonding, club events etc Youth camps/academies in different countries More eccentric manager comments, like Ian Holloway Interaction with the FA/UEFA/FIFA etc
  2. I would like to be able to appoint and interact with a Director of Football, and maybe to have more interaction with the board and FA. Also, in situations during a match where the ball seems to be going out of play, but players could still get to it, they stop and let it go ou of play, when trying to get to it would be better. Can this be fixed because it is annoying, particularly late on in a game you are losing 1-0 and need to at least draw.
  3. Most of the things I would want hav probably already been said like longer loans, moving your backroom staff when you move clubs etc, but i would also like to be able to arrange transfers for Brazilian teenagers for when they turn 18 (like Utd with Fabio and Rafael frm Fluminense). I hate having to wait for Pat to turn 18 before I can sign him.
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