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    Occupant of an interplanetary quite extraordinary craft

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  1. What's your Addictiveness rating?

    Game time, 60 days rating is "nothing to see here, move along"
  2. Danny Graham

    Precisely how I feel, as a Watford supporter! We get precious little media coverage even when considering we have had a reasonable amount of success.
  3. Danny Graham

    To be honest his stats should be higher as he is the 3rd best player in the Championship (fourfourtwo magasine)
  4. Reporter goes off the deep end

    Or recall Sturridge!
  5. Good idea. I suppose it would stop it getting boring. I'm at Argentina at the moment and have won everything, if i get back to back world cups i think i will join England as they always offer me a job
  6. FM 2012 Idea

    Managers should in football control the club, chairmen should be seen and not heard. So I agree
  7. Spanish League TV Money Issue?

    Theres some stuff going on in real life in Spain at the moment, players wanted to strike because one game per week had to be by law shown on free television. The judge called the strike off but this could have something to do with it
  8. Ass Man not offering players contracts.

    Yes i had the same problem, now i just do it myself because i want to look after my balance. It's quite fun anyway
  9. My 75 game unbeaten run twice in a row invincible season says not
  10. Well they're not going to know if the board sold a player
  11. Favourite Players you always sign

    Leonel Galeano, of Idepeniente for £11 mil. Good CB with 180 PA. Also i signed David Luiz before he was fashionable
  12. Players demanding money to move

    Just offer them to clubs for free
  13. I sacked chairman !

    Sounds like he used FMRTE
  14. Best FM story

    This guy's St Albans story, won the champo league with them
  15. language tutoring?

    I think they probably wanted to put it in but didn't for some reason, and forgot to take out the question.